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Following the success of our 28 Tales for 28 Days crowdfunder, we are now accepting ongoing donations of support.

by Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group in London, England, United Kingdom

garethglynn 19th May 2019

28 tales for 28 days has proved itself a powerful and essential way of getting real peoples' stories out to a bigger audience. It deserves wide support

tim-hagyard 8th October 2018

Ignore the hostile headlines which dehumanise refugees and listen to their tales. Their stories say enough. We should not have indefinite detention. Good luck.

Milly Gold 31st July 2018

I love the dedication & love that is making all this happen for all who is seeking social justice..You will have my support always x x

Lelia72 30th July 2018

What a wonderful initiative. I wish you - us - every success in changing the world, tale by tale, law by law.

Fatima Martin 30th July 2018

I am the foster carer of an unaccompanied asylum seeking minor. I believe that telling the stories of individual people will do more to educate people than lecturing on human rights or similar. I am optimist and believe in the ability of the human being to be touched by the experiences of others and the innate urge to want to help and ease suffering.

Mrs B J M Wilson 29th July 2018

I feel deeply for those in indefinite detention And I love walking so hope that some of those who have been detained can join next year’s walk

Scott Krieger 28th July 2018

I've known many young asylum seekers who have been left in limbo by the Home Office until the court of appeal has granted them the safety that comes with being recognised as a refugee. This has included young adults wrongly detained by the Home Office until they were freed when scrutinised by the courts. Very few people who are detained have their cases looked at by the courts. The UK is the only country in Europe that detains asylum seekers without a time limit even though they are not criminals. This policy, which is conducted in our name, causes terrible harm to real people. We must each do all that we can to make it come to an end. Making this film is a step toward this.

Susan Hofsteede 26th July 2018

Need to keep up the pressure especially now Home Secretary says he will review immigration detention. Congratulations to all involved in Refugee Tales for yet another wonderful (but still needed, disgracefully) walk.

Marygold Lewis 26th July 2018

Humanity, thy name is Mohammed, Abdul, Said, Maryam, John, Mary, Fatima, Felix, Anna, Jonas, Ibrahim, Benjamin, Harriet ....... no barriers between us please! My country is every country and my life is a precious treasure, just as is yours, his, hers, theirs....

PCC of St John’s Church, Watford 21st July 2018

St John’s has been enriched by one of the subjects of the Tales who is much loved - and has been damaged by the UK’s detention policy (without time limit) along with several of his friends. It’s time for a limit - and welcome and hope.

Let's make '28 Tales for 28 Days' happen

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