Antibiotics from the medieval medicine cabinet

by freyaharrison in Nottingham

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Could medieval medicine provide new antibiotics to treat deadly modern infections?

by freyaharrison in Nottingham

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dreifert 11th April 2015

This is the kind of science I support and proved it with my pledge. Awesome work, I hope this line of inquiry stimulates the scientific community to further action.

magnus-svantesson- 5th April 2015

Hope the very best for your project. Hoppfully it will not only work, but also be able to spread without the patent- and comercial problems associated with big pharma products! Warm Regards/Magnus

akauma 3rd April 2015

As someone who is allergic to most antibiotics this is very important research to me. I only wish I wasn't on a pension & could afford to send $1000! Please accept my humble pledge instead.

lucrezia 1st April 2015

With an undergrad background in medieval studies and several years spent working in the School of Nursing at the QMC, this project ticked lots of boxes for me! Good luck with it!

guglipa 31st March 2015

This is a so great idea. We have still so many things to learn. But the current results are only a small step moving forward. I wish you a lot of luck and hopefully that will be great summer for the student who is going to manage these tests.

lonky2 31st March 2015

My young son was hospitalized for MRSA several years ago and the treatment post-hospitalization cost $900 for the course of antibiotics. PLEASE protect and control your findings/results/research so that all may benefit from what may become an inexpensive effective alternative treatment. Wishing you great success.

helmutwklug 31st March 2015

thanks for this interesting research. I am working on this kind of texts from a linguistic and cultural historic angle. your findings are a great support for medieval studies. Best of luck!

bluekraken 31st March 2015

I honestly hope the goals here are met and am interested in the final results. I find it sad and frustrating that much of the media and some science regards medieval sciences as 'primitive' and frequently speaks in belittling tones of many things we are rediscovering through artifacts and old texts. Alchemy and metallurgy of the past was highly sophisticated and far from primitive. Just to note the brazen vessel the solution must be left to stand in may be relevant as well. Brass has been shown to have some unique antibacterial properties as well as silver but the later was obviously less expensive to produce. Best of luck.

janchr50 30th March 2015

Heya Freya You might want to connect to Dr. Jette E. Kristiansen regarding her work with thioridazine or read her scientific and unconventional articles. I used to work with her. If you need her contact information, please come back to me. Best of luck Jan Christensen


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