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We did it
On 17th October 2018 we successfully raised £13,880 with 219 supporters in 42 days

An exhibition in Parliament to mark 100 years of women achieving the vote: 209 new portraits of all women MPs, by women photographers.

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List of Our Photographers

Our crowdfunder has been up and running for just over 24 hours and we've almost reached £3k! HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported us so far to get this off the ground.

A number of you have been wondering about the photographers from around the country who are involved. So here it is: a list of who we've got on board. Some are well-established and some are up-and-comers, but all of them are working towards representing women positively, particularly in male-dominated environments. Remember: this is an artist-led project, and all of your support will be divided equally amongst all the photographers involved.


Kate Abbey, Rhiannon Adam, Monika Adler, Claudia Agati, Estabrak Al-Ansari, Andrea Allan, Jocelyn Allen, Amelia Allen, Carol Allen-Storey, Emily Andersen, Barbara Asboth, Joanne Banks, Lisa Barnard, Rosie Barnes, Del Barrett, Julia Fullerton Batten, Debby Besford, Julia Biro, Emma Blau, Sian Bonnell, Sharon Boothroyd, Carla Borel, Polly Braden, Rachel Louise Brown, Linda Brownlee, Alicia Bruce, Tessa Bunney, Haley Morris Cafier, Emma Campbell, Carlotta Cardana, Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Wendy Carrig, Natasha Caruana, Tereza Cervenova, Alicia Clarke, Joanne Coates, Hannah Collins, Vicki Couchman, Emma Critchley, Lottie Davies, Gemma Day, Bex Day, Kerry Dean, Venetia Dearden, Rosemary Despres, Rosemary Despres, Laura Dicken, Chrystal Ding, Kat Dlugosz, Marysa Dowling, Monika Drzewicz, Jillian Edelstein, Caroline Edge, Charlie Edwards, Elainea Emmott, Teresa Eng, Carole Evans, Jessa Fairbrother, Alixandra Fazzina, Monika Fischbein, Emma Freeman, Jessica Fulford-Dobson, Sophie Gerrard, Lydia Goldblatt, Eleri Griffiths, Emma Hardy, Olivia Harris, Frederike Helwig, Clare Hewitt, Jane Hilton , Liz Hingley, Sasha Hitchcock, Caz Holbrook, Nancy Honey, Laura Hynd, Denisa Ilie, Susannah Ireland, Alison Jackson, Claudia Janke, Asa Johannesson, Francesca Jones, Dragana Jurisic, Tabitha Jussa, Juliana Kasumu, Jane McLeish Kelsey, Claire Kidman, Phoebe Kiely, Kate Kirkwood, Hana Knizova, Karen Knorr, Karolina Konior , Sophie Lachowycz, Sarah Lee, Jenny Lewis, Andrea Liggins, Harriet Logan, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Kerry Lytwyn, Kirsty MacKay, Jane MacNeil, Amak Mahmoodian, Celine Marchbank, Jenny Matthews, Felicity McCabe, Jan McCullough, Helen McGhie, Holly McGlynn, Wendy McMurdo, Carolyn Mendelsohn, Lorna Milburn, Hope Miller, Margaret Mitchell, Caroline Molloy, Sophie Morris, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Trish Morrissey, Nadège Mériau, Andrea Petersen(Flannery Okafka), Casey Orr, Clare Park, Susie Parr, Jennifer Pattison, Claire Pepper, Kate Peters, Suzanna Plunkett, Yan Preston, Magda Rakita, Lua Ribeira, Jennifer Robertson, Ally Robinson, Ellen Rogers, Danyelle Rollinson, Michelle Sank, Leonora Saunders, Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin, Lousie Haywood Schiefer, Clémentine Schneidermann, Charlotte Schreiber, Jo Metson Scott, Carol Sharp, Vanessa Short, Abbie-Traylor Smith, Hannah Starkey, Monica Takvam, Matilda Temperley, Alys Tomlinson, Nicola Tree, Mary Turner, Leticia Valverdes, Nana Varveropoulou, Eva Vermandel, Madeleine Waller, Wei Wang, Becky Warnock, Sarah Weal, Sophie Wedgwood, Bella West, Liz Wewiora, Corinne Whitehouse, Luisa Whitton, Mandy Williams, Jan Williams, Hilary Wood, Stephanie Wynne, Alice Zoo.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

23 of 500 claimed

Photo Postcard

A postcard print of one of the portraits, with a thank you message from the curatorial team.

£10 or more

209 Women Tote Bag

Champion the visibility of women everywhere you go! Screen printed 100% cotton tote bag.

£100 or more

62 of 209 claimed

Limited Edition Art Book

We’re bringing all of the portraits together in this limited edition book to accompany the exhibition, featuring a new essay about the visibility of women in power. Only 209 copies available! Includes a list of everyone that supports it.

£350 or more

9 of 209 claimed

Champions of Women

209 MPs, 209 photographers and 209 champions... Become an exhibition champion and support one photographer to produce their piece. As a champion, you will be named on the wall of the exhibition, meet the curator and some of the artists, and take part in a group photo 'Champions of Women', shot by one of the project’s photographers. Every champion will receive an exhibition quality print of this to hang in their office or home.

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