2020 World visual impaired tennis championships

by Samantha Coates in Italy

2020 World visual impaired tennis championships
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Help 2 visually impaired tennis players representing team Gb at the world championships next year in Italy take their coach with them

by Samantha Coates in Italy

2 visually impaired tennis players that I coach will be representing team Gb at next year's world championships again and we need your help. 

They have both said they want me to go over with them again and want me there as their coach so i can coach and support them whilst there competing to help them during the championships. 

I managed to raise enough funds to  support them at this year's championships in Spain and whilst i was there with them i coached them on court in training sessions leading up to when the competition started, i did match plans for both players for evey match and match analysis for both players recording every shot that both my players hit all the way through, I also gave feedback on each match to both players to help them for their next matches respectively. 

Fortunately this year both players did really well with 1 winning and the other coming 2nd in their respective categories and i think me being there helped them both and I like to think i had a positive impact in how well they did. I'd like to provide the same support for them both at next year's championships to hopefully allow them the same success levels and to help them as much as i can. 

I obviously want to do to this and i will be going so I can help them as much as i can which hopefully will allow both players to replicate this year's success and maybe go one step further in terms of both players coming first fingers crossed. 

However there is no funding for myself to go to coach/support and work with them at the tournament so we have to raise it ourselves. I'm desperate to help my players again next year. So if you can please help anf us and hopefully allow me to support these two amazing gb visually impaired tennis players.

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