by Edwina Thompson in Farnworth, England, United Kingdom

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2020: IN MODERN VERSE is collection of poetry looking at the events of 2020 as they happened. Hard hitting, eye opening and brutally honest.

by Edwina Thompson in Farnworth, England, United Kingdom

2020: IN MODERN VERSE began to take shape a few months into the pandemic of 2020. As the year progressed, I became gripped by the unfairness and treatment of (non Covid) people in need of the NHS, who no longer seemed to count. This grew into concern for the effect of the events on children's mental health, their Education and their social well being. I was also all too aware of the devastation being caused regards people's livelihoods, jobs, homes, mental health and we were watching Suicide statistics go through the roof. As for the treatment of the elderly and vulnerable in Care Homes- I was utterly horrified. There was more to this year than just a virus! Yet our Government continued to be incompetent, dishonest and seemed to revel in stripping us of our basic Human Rights and freedoms. And then of course, there was the behaviour of the British people themselves... there were times when I couldn't believe what I was seeing, reading or hearing. It felt like the whole mad had gone completely mad and Propaganda was rife.

At times I would wake in the early hours of the night with my head erupting with words and verses. After publishing a few on Facebook, many people came forward to let me know I was saying exactly what they were thinking. Amongst the madness I witnessing, I certainly wasn't alone. I had chosen the name Esperanza as it means 'Hope', and despite the catastrophic mental and social Armageddon I could see playing out, I did believe that Hope would prevail in the end. (And still do.) Coincidentally it transpired that Oscar Wilde's mother (Lady Jane Wilde) was also a Political poet of her day, and had written for a local Newspaper under the pen name of Speranza. I still wonder now if it is her energy I have been channelling. You never know!

This book is now the final collection of poems (28 in total) written as the events unfurled. They are hard hitting, brutal, honest, revealing, comical, farcical, at times scathing and often heart breaking. I have added a few of my other non-satirical poetry to the collection, as Esperanza (true to her name) will leave you with a message of Hope.

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