2015 SHU Rugby Nude Calendar and Film

We aim to raise enough money to cover the cost of printing the fundraising calendars.

We did it!

On 24th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £1,466 of £500 target with 21 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Our Stretch Target is £1500

What will I use the extra money for?

Any money raised over the £500 target would be greatly appreciated as it will go towards the second print run of calendars so that the cost of printing doesn't eat into the money raised from the first batch of calendar sales.

Thanks for your support!

Our nude calendar project...

Every year players from SHU Rugby get their kit off for the nude calendar project to raise much needed funds for the club, and to help support the Prostate Cancer UK charity and Help for Heroes charity by providing exclusive retail and despatch services for the LAD Prostate merchandise and Rugby Helps Our Heroes calendars through our online store at www.shurugbyshop.co.uk with 100% of the retail price going directly to the charities.

About us

SHU Rugby has been producing nude fundraising calendars since 2001 with accompanying 'behind the scenes' DVDs since 2007.The sales of the SHU Rugby calendar and DVDs provide much needed kit, coaching and equipment for the club and helps subsidise player expenses to ensure that the club is accessible to all. It is an important ethos of the club to ensure that the club is a friendly, open and inclusive environment, and promotes sport, and team events to all.

Our aim is to continue encouraging young people to join in and have a go at the most friendly sport in the world! Rugby is the best team building sport, with a genuine family spirit, and we want to encourage people who might have been wary of trying out sport to give it a go; build their confidence, make new friends, learn new skills and benefit from a safe training environment with professional coaches, facilities and equipment.

SHU Rugby has developed over the last few years with the introduction of an online store at shurugbyshop.co.uk which sells the SHU Rugby calendars and DVDs. The site was set up, and is run by one volunteer (me!!), who also covers the costs for the domains and does all the behind the scenes work of processing and despatching the orders.

In addition to selling the SHU Rugby products the online store also sells the LAD Prostate DVDs on behalf of LAD, a brilliant fundraising group based in Bristol, and the Rugby Helps Our Heroes calendars which are official nude fundraising calendars raising funds for the Help for Heroes charity. We are proud that 100% of the full retail price goes directly to the charities. SHU Rugby doesn't take any money for providing these retail services. All this work is done voluntarily.


Why are we crowdfunding?

Usually the club has sponsors for the SHU Rugby calendars whose vital support enables us to cover some of the printing and other costs that are encured throughout the shoots and production of the calendars and DVDs, and the introduction of digital downloads of the films. However, in the current economic climate we are facing a common problem: that it is getting harder and harder to find sponsorship.

To make sure that we can continue with the SHU Rugby calendar and DVD / download projects we seek assistance with the funding.In return for investing at least £10 with this project you will receive copies of the 2015 calendar and DVD (or film download) upon release. Other rewards include exclusive photos from the promo shoot and even player sponsorship for the forthcoming season.


Reward Packages

£10 - As a reward for your investment you will receive a copy of the 2015 calendar and download link to (or DVD, if preferred) the Making of... film.

£25 - For investing £25 or more you will receive the 2015 calendar and film download (or DVD) plus digital copies of all the photos from the photo shoots for the SHU Rugby nude calendars 2001 – 2014

£50 - For your investment you will receive the 2015 calendar and download (or DVD), the exclusive 2001 - 2014 photo compilation plus exclusive photos of the 2015 calendar promo photo session including the bath shots.

£100 - For your investment you will receive the 2015 calendar and download (or DVD), the 2001 - 2014 photo compilation plus exclusive photos AND film clips of the 2015 calendar promo photo sessions including the bath shots!! (These photos are exclusive to the funding appeals and will not be on general release.)

£150 - For this amazing investment you will receive the 2015 calendar and download (or DVD), the 2001 - 2014 photo compilation plus the exclusive photos and film clips of the 2015 calendar promo photo sessions. In addition to this you will become a ‘player sponsor’ and choose which player you would like to sponsor for the 2014/15 season and you also have the option to be credited on the ‘Making of’ film.



To have a look at our previous calendars and DVDs check out the Gallery and Shop sections of our website at www.shurugby.com

Further information about the history of the SHU Rugby projects can be found at www.manningsportsmedia.com

Trailers for the DVDs can be found on YouTube (just search: SHU Rugby)

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to email me at: shurugby@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support

Best wishes

PaulSHU Rugby


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