2,000 Mile Walk Against Environmental Pollution

by Anthony Hogan in United Kingdom

2,000 Mile Walk Against Environmental Pollution
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Money I Raise Will Go To Campaigning Against Food and Plastic Packaging Waste, Pesticides and Destruction of Forests For Profit

by Anthony Hogan in United Kingdom


Help me raise an initial £45,000 by supporting my 2,000 mile walk from the south of Spain to London.

Eventually I hope to donate £450,000 (10 x initial £45,000) to challenge seats in marginal constituencies where there is chance we can achieve a win result.

But I need to do this in two stages.

Firstly, to get this project and walk off the ground I will need to raise £45,000. Details below.

Once I've raised £45,000 I will start my long walk to London. 

I will aim to stretch that first stage target of £45,000 to £450,000 by walking from the south of Spain to London via Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona. Then crossing along the south of the Pyrenees to the Atlantic, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris, Brussels, Dunkirk, Dover, London and Brighton. About 2,000 miles / 3,200 Kms to 2,500 miles / 4,000kms. This should take between 5 to 6 months.

I will donate all £450,000 raised to the Greens, Green LibDems, Plaid Cymru, SNP, other candidates including independents or green Labour candidates.

(If you contribute from a foreign country and you not a British citizen I will do my best to ensure your contribution goes a Green party in that country.)

You Can Help With A £1.00p Donation

The Crowd Fund In Two Stages

Stage 1. 

1st stage crowd fund: June, July and August

Raising £45,000 through donations starting at £1 per person in an initial two month pre-walk crowd fund.

This £45,000 will get the project and walk off the ground. This money will pay for publicity of the walk, a website with information on the walk, my accommodation on route, food and any other expenses. I will publish a final listing of my receipts online so my supporters can see how their money was spent. 

I'm happy to receive donations from small businesses along the route or from small businesses in the UK who might be happy to help.

Please note: I will not take a salary, nor make a financial profit from my supporters donations.

Stage 2. 

2nd stage crowd fund: August, September, October and November

Raising £450,000 through donations starting at £1 per person on route to London. 

For every mile of the 2,000 I walk I will need to raise an average of £225.00. 

Using satellite tracking I will be able to let supporters know on Twitter and on Crowd Funder every second evening if I'm on target and the miles / kms walked over the last few days with photos of my journey.

What £450,000 Could Do

£450,000 could field 10 parliamentary campaigns for the Greens, Green LibDems, Plaid Cymru and the SNP in marginal constituency seats that could result in around 10 new national MPs for these parties at the next general election. 

Training For My Walk and Route

I live in the mountains in central Spain so have the fortune of being able to keep reasonably fit and healthy. 

I walk most days at 3,500 ft and walk at slightly higher altitude (6,000 to 8,000ft) at weekends. 

The main challenges I face on this long walk from the south of Spain to Westminster are feet and muscle injury and heat exhaustion as it will be at least 40c plus in the first month of walking in August. Spain is a hot country in the summer and autumn and that's partly the reason I have chosen a longer coastal route as this should be slightly cooler.  See pictures below.

Depending on how much money I have raised by the time I reach Barcelona I will either trek across the Pyrenees, or walk along the southern side of the Pyrenees to the Atlantic coast before U-turning and heading to Toulouse and then around again to Bordeaux and straight up the centre of France. 

I will publish daily updates on a Twitter page and any help on route from the south of Spain to London will be very welcome.

Get Involved

If you'd like to get involved in my project and crowd funded 2,000 mile walk please make a small donation and then send me a message.

Spanish News Media Coverage To Date

The Local.es

Euro Weekly News

The Olive Press

Radio Gibraltar 

Below is the longer of the planned two routes planned. The actual route may change nearer the time. 

The scale of the images can be enlarged by right clicking on the mouse and selecting view image.

Training and cross-mountain trekking

Sunday 9th June, 2019

Latest training for 2000 Mile Walk:

Training in the central mountain system of Spain, 100kms (60 miles) west of Madrid.

This was an unexpected and very difficult walk which took me and my friend up to about 1,700 metres or 5,577 feet. We trekked up about 850 metres or 2,790 feet in about four hours. The angle of the mountain was layered in terraces of rocks between 30% to 60%. Traversing made some of the trek easier but we decided to call it a day because we'd got up to a cliff face which looked more dangerous than fun trekking! See the video. In all we covered 14 kms / just under 9 miles in six and half hours with a couple of stops.

Wednesday 29th May, 2019 

Training for my 2,000 mile walk from Gibraltar to London today. Temperatures were around 28c / 30c this afternoon. Hotter in the direct sun. Altitude 4,000ft / 1230 metres.

Some of the views from this afternoon's training in central Spain. Even though temperatures here in central Spain hit 45c in mid summer in the interior (higher in Madrid) the countryside is spectacular. It is these natural ecosystems that you see in the photos here that we need to protect around the world.

Below: Altitude walking at 7,000 ft on Saturday 25th May in the mountains of central Spain


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

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10 Days Holiday For 2: Spain's Beautiful Interior

The first 2,000 people who pledge £10 will be entered into a prize draw. The winner will get a 10 days holiday for 2 persons to Spain's interior. This will include return train journey from London, 10 nights hotel in different locations, gastronomic delights and visits to bodegas. For 10 days I will act as guide showing the winners Spain's beautiful mountains and interior landscapes. Please note: the prize is subject to me raising all £450,000.

£10 or more

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£10 Reward

The two thousand people who donate £10 or more will receive a 'I Helped Match Aaron Banks' Donation With A Tenner To The Green Party' tea mug with a picture of his face on the other side.

£20 or more

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Help Kickstart The Campaign by Pledging £20

The first thousand people who donate £20 or more will receive a 'I Helped Match Aaron Banks' Donation With Twenty Quid To The Green Party' t-shirt. No picture of Aaron Banks on the t-shirt.

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