2,000,000 Defender S90HUE

by brianreynolds in Solihull

2,000,000 Defender S90HUE
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

 2millionth Land Rover Defender will be auctioned on 16th December, I propose we crowdfund the winning bid & donate it to a working museum.

by brianreynolds in Solihull

 An iconic Land Rover Defender has been built and is to be auctioned on 16th December 2015.

This is the 2,000,000 Defender built in Land Rovers Solihull factory and a host of famous faces, from Roger Crathorne to Bear Grylls, that have been involved in the design, production or use of Land Rovers, helped the fantastic production line staff as it was bolted together.

All the money raised in the auction sale will be given to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Born Free Foundation, both of which have heavily relied on Land Rover products to do their work around the globe.

I personally have a deep connection with Land Rover and want to see this special vehicle be saved for the nation, as an iconic piece of our design and engineering heritage.  I've owned and driven Land Rovers for all my adult life and was lucky enough to represent my country in the Land Rover G4 Challenge 2006, an experience that changed my life and that I owe a debt of gratitude to Land Rover for.

As an enthusiast I feel that this vehicle should stay in this country and be available for current and future generations to experience.  The end of the current Land Rover Defender model and production line (and its predecessor, the Series I, II, IIa and III Land Rover) makes this vehicle all the more special.

I therefore propose that we crowdfund the purchase of this 2,000,000 Defender to:

- Maximise the benefit to Land Rover's humanitarian and conservation partners deserve as much support as possible.

- Place the vehicle in a UK 'working' heritage museum (to be confirmed, but the likes of Dunsfold, Beaulieu, Gaydon etc.)

- Record the names of the Crowdfunding supporters in a lasting way to be displayed with the vehicle.

Obviously as this is going to auction, no one has any idea what it could fetch, but with the Land Rover product in a very special place in the worlds mind at present, the final value could be very high.  Based on Defender Autobiography costs (which are all sold out) the minimum would be over £60k, so i have set the target for £100k.  Of course the more we have in the crowdfund, the better chance we will have to not only secure the vehicle but also support two fantastic causes.  I would suggest that if we are successful and have money left over, we donate the surplus to the IFRC and Born Free Foundation.

Should we be unlucky and get outbid by an overseas investor, i would propose we approach Land Rover and negotiate the purchase of the 'last Defender from the production line' to be purchased for a working heritage museum.  That vehicle will also be an icon among icons.


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