20000 Dog Heroes

20000 Dog Heroes

A dog rehabilitation and education centre to help dogs who need that little bit more. Making sure that no shelter dogs are forgotten.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As dog trainers we see first hand the dogs that need that little bit more. Shelters across the country are full of 'broken' dogs, dogs who have been so badly abused and mistreated that they cannot simply be rehomed without first learning to trust again and learning how to be a dog.

Bella, the little collie in our picture was recently rescued. She is fear aggressive. When we first met her no one was able to get near her. She was due to put to sleep. We have worked with Bella for a few weeks now and we dont see her aggression anymore. She no longer growls. Her fear is lifting. She is learning to trust. The picture on the left is the first day we worked with her, the picture on the right is 6 weeks later and im brushing her in it. She needed time, patience and love. A dog who only weeks ago was due to be put to sleep now has a second chance.

Unfortunatly there are many more dogs just like Bella out there. These are the forgotten dogs and the dogs that need help.

We believe every dog deserves a chance.

As well as rehabiliation, education plays a big part of our end goal. People need educated how to look after their dogs, how to train them, how to socialise them etc. Children need educated how to approach dogs. We want to offer a homely, safe, relaxed environment that members of the community can drop into for help and advice.

We can lower the rates of abandoned dogs filling shelters by educating people and helping them.

We need your help to get this project of the ground.

Can you be one of our Dog Heroes?

Any donation will be gratefully received and you can follow our progress at www.facebook.com/oaksandco