2 Dashchund Type Dogs Need Rescue Help

2 Dashchund Type Dogs Need Rescue Help

2 Dachshund type dogs need financial help to get them out of a Kill Shelter and rehomed. Only £40 vet fees and £85 for neutering needed!

We did it!

On 1st Nov 2016 we successfully raised £185 with 14 supporters in 14 days

Lets be honest now, we are struggling to get help for these 2 dogs.
Maybe people don't have the money for dogs anymore, maybe its because of the Brexit 'stick to our own' attitude, maybe its because 'we have enough of our own in our rescues'

Either way these two little dogs have found themselves in a Kill Station, yes that is what its called a Kill Station in Spain. Its a holding pen for stray dogs due to be killed because there are too many.
Feel free to take a look at Olivenza Perrera and the stories of the dogs there yourself.

These are just two of them

These 2 dogs know no borders or countries all they know is they have suddenly found themselves living in an outdoor pen filling with more and more dogs. If being on a human kill list wasn't bad enough the bigger dogs are attacking and eating the smaller dogs because they are not fed unless a local rescuer can get in with some bags of food.The kill shelter is finally being closed down in November...but then all the dogs will be killed.

...unless we can get them out?
get them vaccinated, neutered, loved and into homes, forever to put their past behind them.

Several rescues are working hard taking dogs out to safety one by one, we wont save them all but for those dogs, what a chance!
We are a rescue predominantly for little long dogs and these two are little and long! They are said to be either sisters or mother and daughter and all they know of trust is each other so we have promised to try and save them together.

However we are only a small rescue and do need your help. We can pay for them to be taken out and transported to a foster in spain.
They then need your help...

£40 each for their vet care, vaccinations, blood tests etc. Just £40!
Then then need £85 each to be spayed.

They will then be ready to come to the UK and finally be safe!
Can you help us to help them?

If you want to be even more involved they will also need a foster home in the South East and a forever home(s)... if we can save them.

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