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The WORLD NEWS newspaper project is an opportunity for us to create lasting change not just for us but for mankind.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are taking part in the Santander social enterprise challenge!



The 1WORLD NEWS Newspaper project, presents us with an opportunity to ignite a passion for lifelong learning that goes beyond the classroom. Taking global education to kids is the one thing we can do to help secure a future not just for us, but for all of mankind. 1WORLD NEWS will, help our children develop a greater understanding of the world around them and help them foster a renewed sense of responsibility & care not just for themselves but their parents, teachers and the wider community. With understanding our children will have the knowledge they need to make more informed choices and live lives that respect people, place & planet.

"Educating our kids about the world today will help shape the face of the world tomorrow.“

And that is exactly what we aim to do, one paper at a time.

1WORLD NEWS is unique. We don’t know of anyone else out there that produces one quite like it. We aim to make it affordable so everyone can have one. And, We have done the research so we know that kids love what we do and we also know that their parents like us too….

You can go online and check out what we have done so far.

Find Us At: http://www.1world-kids.com

However you don't just have to take our word for it.

The website is brilliant and has massive potential to be incorporated into our lessons.”

Mr Fitzpatrick Year 7 head at Kingsbridge Community College -Devon.

“I love your work and have shared it with my 10,000+ followers on Twitter and my 5,000+ followers on Facebook. It's great work you are doing.”

John Lundin Founder Climate news

The 1World-Kids newspaper will not just be a newspaper for kids, it will be a true 12 page full colour tabloid that will be jam packed with stories and articles about the world & moreover, it won’t just be a great read it will look pretty awesome too. We are busy working on the first edition so that when we get the funds in place, we can put our marketing heads on and get our first edition published in July 2014-

Our pledge to you: The 1world-kids newspaper will look good, strong eye-catching design it will be well written, well presented, informative, fun and we believe help children recognize the need to respect people, place and planet.

  • We have the right skills to deliver the project.
  • We know what we want to deliver. 
  • We know how we need to deliver it. 
  • We know who we want to help us deliver it.

The great thing is, we aim to sell the 1World-Kids newspaper on a 50/50 basis so that not only will it help us become self-financing, it will deliver tangible benefits to those that sell it too. We look to sell and distribute our paper for £2.00 through independent bookshops, libraries, kids clubs & associations (like scouts/brownies guides) and schools.

Join Us Because Together We Can...


Well, the money raised will enable us to bring the 1WORLD NEWS newspaper to fruition.

We promise that no salary or wages will be taken.

The money we raise through crowd funder, will be used to cover the costs of marketing, producing the 1WORLD NEWS wrist bands and of course the production & distribution of the first edition of 1WORLD NEWS.

Got a question then why not get in touch.

I hope you can help us, because working together we can secure change not just for us but for future generations.

Many thanks