1ndependent15 Graduate Show Fundraiser

1ndependent15 Graduate Show Fundraiser

A collective from London College of Fashion presenting graduate collections from various disciplines from across the university.

We did it!

On 14th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £2,700 with 51 supporters in 47 days

Project aim

Showcase the collections of 110 graduates from London College of Fashion, in a day of interactive, live presentations. Creating this independently outside of the University with the support of the Students' Union and your fundraising donations. 

About the project

We are looking for support for new talent at an event we're creating as part of an independent graduation at London College of Fashion in association with the Students' Union at SUARTS. 

The event is titled: 1ndependent15. This is to be the first year of, what we hope to make, an annual student lead event. 

This July, we are launching a full day of live presentations, brimming with new creative talent from a vast array of different disciplines. We will be exhibiting the work of graduating students in the fields of menswear, womenswear, childrens wear, shows, accewssories and jewellery. 

Currently this is being funded by the Students' Union (SUARTS) a charitable organisation empowering the students of UAL (University of the Arts London) to really make the most of their time studying at such a prestigious college. 


We would like to invite you to fund this event. We would love for you to support the team of new creatives at 1ndependent15.


We currently have a blog team and editor overseeing our own social media platforms. In addition to this, the event will be promoted and covered by both LCF and the Students' Union's comms teams internal and external channels. 

You are supporting the new generation of fashion designers and communicators.  



Please give what you can!






The 1ndependent15 Team

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