Kingswood for Kinergy

Kingswood for Kinergy
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I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me so please donate and help me reach my target

Started on 15th January 2021 Kingswood, England, United Kingdom

Support services for people who have previously or are still experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault are invaluable. The need for such services is underestimated and they are amongst the most poorly funded.

As a survivor, l know first hand how vital projects and charities like Kinergy are.

I certainly know l wouldn't be where l am now without the help of the charities that supported me, charities that no longer exist due to funding cuts. I know many other survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, who would say the same.

Kinergy is a small charity with a huge drive to change the way the topic of abuse and mental health is addressed.  

It has already helped many people to see the light at the end of the tunnel and rebuild their lives, and wants to continue to help more, but demand for their support has increased massively.

Since March 20, referrals have increased by over 100%. 

The Pandemic has resulted in a huge rise in reports and requests for help around sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

I'm now in a position where l can try to give something back to the services that helped me.

I have been able to give the last of my MAF funding along with the other Kingswood area based Councillors, but further funding is needed.

Please help me raise funds for this amazing Kingswood based  organisation.  

Kinergy desperately need funding to recruit staff and expand their resources to meet the increased demand.

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