16TO21 gateway services

16TO21 gateway services

The aim is to raise funds to facilitate renovation of office space & furniture for young people with complex needs, semi-independent living

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

16to21 Gateway Services is an organisation dedicated to helping those in our society identified as being vulnerable, in need and at risk. The aim is to facilitate this key age group of young adults in to eventual independent living and most importantly to prevent them from falling of the radar.  

The service will offer extended semi-independent living accommodation staffed by support workers 24 hours daily. With 1:1 mentoring from trained support workers, service users will be encouraged to take control of their own lives and futures by; engaging in education with enrolment at the local college, advice regarding employment, support with financial matters and help to build up basic skills required for daily semi-independent living with the goal being for eventual complete independence.

Due to the constraints within local authorities and the care system 16to21 Gateway Services is a first step for this at risk group to be given the opportunity and skills to live a full and complete life without judgments and we whole heartedly seek to bring out the full potential of each individual who will come to use the service