161 days of travelling. Adventures journal

161 days of travelling. Adventures journal

I would like to raise funds for printing copies of travel journal. It has guided structure - perfect for people who never kept a journal .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I would like to raise funds for printing copies of this travel journal.

This travel journal has guided structure, perfect for people who are new to writing, but would like to start and take notes from their travels. You will never face a blank page, but also will have plenty of place to write down your memories.  It is also great for people who are more advanced with their writing. 

356 pages inside. 

The story of this journal started in January 2017. I could not find a proper journal in the market, so decided to create mine.  Then I thought, that maybe other people would be happy to be able to get it as well. 

 The funds gathered here would allow me to print copies of travel journal  and to be able to sell it in the online shop.  

The money from sell in the online shop would go towards preparing other journals for print - I have ideas for some other journals, diaries and calendars. 

The price of "161 days of travelling. Adventures journal" will be quite high, around 20 pounds - because of manufacture costs. Now  you will get a chance to have it for 17 pounds, as I am thankful for your donation towards this project. 

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