15 Days of Action

15 Days of Action

Two weeks of activities to raise awareness of the positive changes the Human Rights Act has brought all across the UK.

We did it!

On 19th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £1,185 with 30 supporters in 28 days

15 Days of Action: Celebrating the Human Rights Act

Fifteen years ago on 2 October 2000 the Human Rights Act became law with cross-party political support. Fast forward to today and it is now stated government policy to “scrap” this vital law which protects us all. At the British Institute of Human Rights, we know people across the UK see past the soundbites and headlines, understanding that our Human Rights Act is the law which protects everyone’s universal human rights here at home.

To mark the 15th Anniversary of the Human Rights Act, this October we are asking you to join us and support our Fifteen Days of Action Campaign. With your help, between the 2 and 16 October this year, we have a packed plan of exciting activities to raise awareness of the positive changes the Human Rights Act has brought about across the UK. Together we can take conversations about human rights out of the political corridors and courtrooms and into the hearts of our communities, giving a voice to those so rarely heard, particularly young people.

With your support our Fifteen Days of Action Campaign will include:

  • Travelling up and down the UK to host community conversations about the Human Rights Act – talking to people about the issues, not simply assuming the loudest political and media voices speak for all;


  • Creating spaces to bring young people into the human rights debate with pop-up events especially designed for 12 to 18 year olds;


  • Tackling the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the Human Rights Act, going beneath the headlines of recent and recurring human rights stories; 


  • Publishing exciting new resources telling the personal stories of people who have benefited from the Human Rights Act



  • Supporting people to take part in the first ever “Human Rights Act Bakeoff!” sharing a slice of cake and human rights information with friends, colleagues and even their local MP;


  • Daily blogging on the landmark cases and human rights stories from each of the Human Rights Act’s fifteen years

  • And much, much more!

 Who Are We?

The British Institute of Human Rights is a small charity with a big mission – to bring human rights to life across the UK. We know just how important and valuable community education and debate on human rights is. We receive very limited funding to support our work on the 15th Anniversary of the Human Rights Act, so this year we’re asking you to help us support the Fifteen Days of Action Campaign through crowd-funding. Whatever you can give will go a long way and together we can all show our support for empowering people across the UK with the knowledge and confidence to join in the conversation about how our universal human rights are protected here at home.


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