15 Second Horror

15 Second Horror

A 15 second Horror film battling guilt and denial whilst dealing with mental health issues to increase intensity and build up.

We did it!

On 23rd Oct 2016 we successfully raised £110 of £100 target with 5 supporters in 14 days

I'm a Film Student at Screenolgy Film School, Bristol. I've just started my second year and, as a goal for this year, I'm trying to make more films, ones that I'm proud of and ones that are more challenging to try and push my filmmaking skills. 

A competition has just started for its second year, a competition where you enter a 15 Second Horror film. I have decided to enter this competition with my own idea and so, because the competition enteries must be done by the 24th October 2016, pre-production has started, with filming happening on the 18th October and post-production taking place for the 6 days in between. 

My idea for the horror is inspired by; Hannibal, American Horror Story, The voices, Fight Club and The Shining.

The film itself will be set in one room, a dining room, where 7 people (3 either side and one directly centre at the head of the table) will be seated around the able, laughing and chatting. The character directly in the centre will twitch and is instantly teleported to the same room but in a grimey and disgusting version where his guests are dead and everything in the room is decaying. 

The character battles with guilt and denial as he is transported through both scenes, each time the intensity of the scene increasing. The end of the film sees that the character suffers from schizophrenia which, like The voices, he imagines a happier scene rather than facing the reality of the dark and gruesome setting which he has created. 

Althought the film is only 15 seconds long, the amount of work that's being put into it - prosthetics for the dead guests, sorting out a dining table scene, etc. has dipped into a budget that I don't have. Although I don't have the budget this project has gone too far to make compromises & it has become such a big personal project, further than just for the competition, that a lot of work is going into it from all members of the crew that it has to go as smooth as possible and as well as possible. 

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