15 Love
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15 Love is an erotic mixed doubles tennis match. Steamy, seductive, and silly. You've never seen tennis like this.

by Leanne Judge in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With a little more money we can make sure that the set and the actors are dressed to the 9's. We will also have enough money saved to put towards post production and festival submissions to get the film seen by as many people as possible and then hopefully someone  will see it and one day we will be paid for making films and I can stop bothering you lot on facebook.


Have you ever listened to the grunts of Sharapova and thought…she sounds like she’s having fun? 

Balls flying and grunts a plenty. 15 Love takes a humorous look at how eroticism can be portrayed through an otherwise everyday activity, tennis.  

Set in a quintessential English garden, a tennis match starts in the distance. The game begins like any other, however soon the players are overcome with a feeling they weren’t expecting. As their grunts morph into something far more sensual, the players give themselves over to an experience like no other and soon the whole world has turned into sextacular shenanigans!


In order to make this project happen we need your help. Filmmaking is expensive! So we are asking for donations and in return we will make a film that will give you a good old giggle.


Player 1 - Director - Leanne 

My three years at Manchester School of Art are drawing to a close AHHHH! So it is time to make my graduation film. 

As a ball kid when I was 13 I imagined myself one day playing on that very court but then I started to become fascinated by the presence of the TV camera, always lurking just behind my back. As I became increasingly interested in the cameras, I became more and more distracted from the court and the players I was meant to be keeping my beady eyes on. 

Having now become the one behind the camera, I’m really excited to put my tennis knowledge to good use and make a film that brings together three of my main interests: film, tennis and orgasms. 

Player 2 - Producer - Abigail

As a producer I love working on a whole range of different styles of film, from experimental dramas to documentary and I have recently worked in the production department of a film shown at Aesthetica Short Film Festival. 

I might not be able to hit a tennis ball for the life of me but as the producer of this project I’m really excited to bring this craziness to life.  

Thank you so much for taking a look at our crowdfunder! We would really appreciate if you would consider donating and in return you will get our endless love and affection. No amount is too small! And also, no amount is too big!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Set Point

A big thank you from us to you.

£20 or more

Match Point

A special thank you in the films credits.

£50 or more

Grand Slam

The Biggie! Get an executive producer credit at the end of the film!

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