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On 20th September 2019 we successfully raised £920 with 23 supporters in 64 days

We're raising money for the full-time volunteers at Pulse, to support their living costs. And we're giving 10% to 4front-theatre.

by Pete Oakley in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

Our financial need within Pulse at the moment is personal. It is easier to ask for money to support the charity, but more difficult to ask personally. As individuals we are all in need of an increased income. Pete has had almost half of his regular support stop. Nick and Chloe are starting fresh and as a kickstart to this time you can be involved.  We are going to give away 10% of anything we raise to 4front-theatre, and will split the remaining money we receive in 3 equal portions. This money is simply for us to live. It might be used for a holiday, a car repair or just cover some bills. 

Sadly this fundraiser cannot be gift aided because the way we are doing it, but if you would like to support us in a way that is gift aided then please go to either of our give.net accounts. 

Pete- www.give.net20164013

Nick- www.give.net/20252151

Chloe- www.give.net/20275213

Thanks so much for getting behind us. 

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