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Scout Hut Grounds Access Redevelopment

by Tim Hodgson in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


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Finally allow disabled access to our Scout hut by repairing the pot-hole laden area at the front, and replace the dangerous rusted fencing.

by Tim Hodgson in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Currently our Scout Group is very close to its capacity. In order to be able to grow the size of the Scout Group,  increase the footprint of the building and extend it outwards creating another room that can be used as an activity room to help towards badge work. This will enable us to break out of using exclusively the main hall for all activities. More space would enable us to better accommodate all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts regardless of ability or the various challenges that individuals may face. Increased space would make the building a more attractive venue for the local community and would help to attract other community groups.

Welcome to the 12th Crosby Scouts Fundraiser, we are so glad you dropped by.

Th 12th is always looking to expand the membership of both young people and adult Leaders. But we have  struggled to find the space not only for new members but activities as well. We hope by opening the outdoor space to all our users that will help us achieve our goal of helping more children and young people in our community.

It was decided that by reinstating an area of land to the front of the Scout hut that has fallen into disrepair, would give us that extra space we need. The surface is breaking up and is uneven posing many trip hazards and has not been a safe area for our elderly hut users, or the young people to run and play freely.

Improving the area will allow our young people to learn new skills, and will help sell Scouting to our local community and other groups in an attempt to gain new users for the building. 

The innovation of the new hard standing ground and replacement fencing would meet the modern requirements of Health and Safety. Passers-by would see Scouts using the new area in all weathers, learning new skills, playing games and enjoying themselves which would be a positive advertisement for Scouting. 

The area would allow us to expand the services we and the Junior Club offer, into a new area of the grounds. This is an amazing opportunity to provide a level surface for the first time and allow wheelchair users easy access around our grounds and building. 

Replacing the rusty, broken fencing  would enable the whole of the grounds to become secure so the children feel safe at all times. Serving not just the scouts but all our groups and after school clubs.

For the first time Scouts could light fires and cook to the front of the building in a safe environment, free of dangerous trip hazards. They could have occasional campfires, sing songs and perform sketches and invite our neighbours from our community, something we are currently unable to do.

Thank You for reading our story and we hope we can count on your support.

12th Crosby Scouts


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Chief Scout

You're a Superstar!!! You get every other reward + We will name the newly resurfaced area after you, and you will be invited to cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening!

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