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by Hooray's British Gelato Kitchen in Stratford Upon Avon, England, United Kingdom


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It’s been a tough time for all of us, but now it's time to look forward to bringing back our Hooray’s “bubble of sunshine”:)

by Hooray's British Gelato Kitchen in Stratford Upon Avon, England, United Kingdom

Help us survive the corona pandemic and say thank you to the NHS and CARE HOME KEY WORKERS at the same time.

It’s more than just an ice cream, supporting us will not only help Hooray’s, and send a message of thanks to key workers, but it will also contribute to the survival of a further 20+ independent businesses who are our suppliers and service providers.

We’re looking to the future and aiming to expand the number of places you can buy Hooray’s delicious gelato ice cream, in a bid to keep us all going.

Who is Hooray’s?

Hooray’s is the brainchild of Sara and Sasha, we're a moSara & Sashather and daughter team who have worked tirelessly for the past 7 years to create the gelato ice cream bar known as Hooray’s British Gelato Kitchen. Following many years of 14 hour days making gelato, Hooray's finally became established, we won several awards and our shop is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

We have achieved despite the odds.  We are the largest independent business on the High Street in Stratford upon Avon; yes, our rent is as high, as are our rates!  We have to sell an awful lot of ice creams just to cover costs, but we’ve done it and we are determined not to let this current set back destroy all our hard work.

1589021232_img_0004_copy.jpgWe're located in a fabulous grade 2 listed building on the picturesque High Street. At 400 years old, it's a big quirky place with many different spaces for all kind of events: birthdays, weddings, hen-parties, baby showers, crafts evenings, performance, you name it. Our kids' corner keeps the toddlers happy and the cocktail bar has a similar effect on the parents.  Behind the scenes, the kitchen area is more than ample for production expansion and the machinery capable of producing double what we make now. We are proud, and somewhat fanatical about, that the kitchen and shop are maintained with the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

Ok, so gelato production has been on hold for some time, but it hasn’t stopped us looking to the future and making a plan about what we need to do to keep Hooray’s up and running.  A wise person once told us that one of the few certainties in life is that doing nothing will achieve exactly that, NOTHING. So we're gonna do something!!


Why are we crowd funding

1589189327_2018-10-01_03.12.03_copy.jpgCovid-19 forced us to close our doors on the 20th March 2020.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time.  Nearly 80% of our sales happen over the spring and summer, which help us survive the winter months, consequently we were at the end of our savings and were all ready to launch in to another busy high season, which so far hasn’t happened.

We had no choice but to put all 15 of our staff on to the government furlough scheme, knowing that our staff are being paid and can stay safe at home is a huge relief.

We’re not eligible for the small business grant from the government because our ratable value is more than the £51k cut off point.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward, as we all know this difficult time will not last forever. As well as delivering groceries, family size tubs of ice cream and DIY Sundae Making Kits from the hastily established Hooray’s pantry, we have come up with a plan for the survival of our business.

Our aim is to fully utilise all that what we have at our disposal.  Our space, our team and our skills (and the skills of our nearest and dearest) will all help to spread Hooray’s locally renowned brand of quality across the ice-cream loving universe.

Customers in Stratford On Avon already love the Hooray’s experience both in store and at home and now it's time to everyone else in on the fun.

1589201374_3b5be980-9559-4b69-a3e8-0b66134f8800_1_105_c.jpegWe've had a great response from customers who we've delivered our new 500ml tubs to during the lockdown. We've decided that launching A RANGE OF EXCITING HOORAY'S FLAVOURS IN 500ml TUBS, will be the ideal next step helping Hooray's to survive the current situation, but also expand in the future. Don't worry we do intend to keep Hooray’s open for locals and visitors to enjoy too.

Please help us achieve our goal by either donating an ice cream to an NHS or CARE HOME KEY WORKER or claiming one of our rewards, or even just by asking your local store, deli or garden centre to contact us so they can stock Hooray’s, then you can indulge in your favourite flavour whenever and however you like. 

What you get – about our rewards


1589021368_chalk-rainbow-badge_original.jpgHaving seen the smiles (from a distance) that a Hooray’s delivery brings to those who are currently isolating.  We thought giving an ice cream would be a lovely way to say THANK YOU to all the NHS or CARE HOME KEY WORKER.  

Your opportunity to say THANK YOU to an NHS or CARE HOME KEY WORKER by treating them to a scoop of handmade gelato ice cream, and we'll make it extra special with a topping of their choice.

We will keep a tally in store of all the donated scoops, to claim their scoop any NHS or HOME KEY WORKER can come in and show us their employment ID card and we’ll serve them a delicious scoop of their favourite flavour with a topping of their choice, and of course say a big THANK YOU to them for all their dedication and selflessness during the lockdown.

1589192694_img_3665_copy.jpg If we get enough donated scoops we’ll arrange a visit to one of the local hospitals or care homes and give out scoops to all the employees from Hennie our vintage VW ice cream van. It’s not only the key workers that have suffered during this time their families left at home have missed their mum’s and dads, say THANK YOU to an NHS or CARE HOME KEY WORKER and their family  with a 500ml take home tub of gelato or sorbet that will be either delivered to them or collected in store, taken home and shared with their family.

Full Size Waffle

 1589021492_mnmwaf.jpgWe suspect some our regulars are dreaming about the treat that's Hooray's Chocoholic Waffle.  Hopefully it won't be too long before you'll be able to pop in and treat yourself, family and friends to one of Hooray's yummy waffles for a discounted price of just £5 BUY NOW - ENJOY IT LATER

Hooray's Exclusive Platinum Card

Claim a Hooray's Platinum Card, previously only given to a select few customers who supported us regularly in our very first year. This will give you 10% off our menu for LIFE (T&C's apply)

Make someone Smile 

1589192576_2018-11-29_02.25.47_copy.jpgSurprise a friend or family with a Hooray's Gift Voucher, we'll post it to them for you. BUY NOW> CLAIM LATER. You can choose the value of a Hooray’s Gift Voucher.  The lucky recipient will be able to either order from the Hooray’s pantry or come in store as soon as we reopen to choose their Hooray’s favourites, waffles, crepes, sundaes, shakes or savoury, it’ll be their choice.

Plan a Party

Our themed decorated party tables are a 1589021626_img_3010_copy.jpgreally popular way for making a visit to Hooray’s extra special for friends or family who are celebrating. Plan ahead and book a themed decorated party table for up to 8 guests at Hooray's. Once we reopen you let us know what date, what’s the occasion and of course what’s the favourite theme of the special guest, and we’ll make it happen.

 Bespoke Artisan Ice Cream Cake

1589030326_5e45b1d6-5751-44c7-9e47-1b5962aff060.jpgCelebrate in style with a bespoke 3 layer gelato cake, delivered within 10 miles of Stratford-upon-Avon or collected in-store.  We love creating stunning gelato cakes for special occasions. Choose 3 Hooray’s flavours and take a look at our cake range to get some ideas. Order one for your family or send one to someone you love as a surprise.  Contact us on to discuss. 

Party with friends

Exclusive use of our bar on a Friday or Saturday night for you and 25 friends, including one of Hooray's amazing grazing tables and 5 bottles of bubbles to launch your evening. Seriously discounted private party. BUY NOW - PARTY LATER


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Let's make 'Help Hooray's - say THANK YOU - make someone SMILE' happen

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