123 SOS

123 SOS

The aim of this project is to help as many famillies as possible

We did it!

On 10th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £120 with 4 supporters in 56 days

Why I set this page up. 

My name is Shaun I run a small business called 123Clearance, we offer many services including House Clearances, Cleaning, Decorating and Landscaping. In the 1+ year since I started the business I have seen a lot and also been able to help out from donating furniture to re-house the homeless including ex-millitary and also donating my time for landscaping projects.

It is due to the landscaping side of my business I am setting this crowdfunding page up as I love to give and help as much as I can but as I am only a small business it is very hard. I donate my own time and labour, and as much materials as I can but I can't expect staff/contractor's to donate all their time. They will still donate 1 day out of 3 as 3 days is the average time scale for a project with an average cost of £700, as for materials I try and get as much discount as possible but I am never going to get them for free, so basically I would like to set up a non profit side to the business for famillies with disabled children, poorly children or struggling families to help them make there gardens/outside space a safer place for them to get outside and play or just be able to sit and feel the sun or rain on there face instead of just being able to look out there windows due to the ground being unevan/dangrous or old rotten decking, falling down fences, muddy old turf. I would like to be able to go in and make it safe for them to use.

Every time you help someone the feeling you get can only be felt by doing it again its hard to explain but its a realy great feeling and that feeling is addictive, if you have not done so please do so and you will understand what I mean. to make a differance in life you only have to help 1 person in need, my mother brought me up to share and help when you can and I will try and raise my children the same way. 

Services we can do to make gardens a safer place and help Families are listed below.


  • decking
  • fencing
  • patios
  • turfing
  • leveling off
  • build ramps
  • walls
  • chippings/gravel
  • build play areas
  • garden tools
  • household furniture                                                              


How it works.

Anyone who knows a family that needs help or if you have a child who would benifit from the service then just send me a message on facebook or email all details which will be at the bottom of the page and depending how well this page does 1 will be picked every month. The one thats picked will be voted between 3 people not just me and it will depend on many factors as you will understand but we will keep everyone on a list who doesent make it as we can hopefully also get to them in the future. We cover the North East of England and all details from each project will be put on our facebook page from start to finish.



As a reward for anyone who donates on this page I will give you a percentage off my services I will list them so you know how much you can get. Also so you know I am true to my word you can call me for a qoute and after I give you the qoute just tell the promo code 123sos and I will knock your discount off then so you know its a honnest saving. The discounts are 25% off house clearances, 15% off landscaping 10% off decorating 10% off bought items for example furniture/electrical goods and so on from my unit. These can add up to big savings and I hope it helps you save some cash.



Please check out my facebook page & yell.com for some of my feedback all details will be at the bottom of the page.



Name: Shaun Emerson 

Business: 123Clearance

Contact Numbers: 07769944184 - 01388528281

E-mail: infoandsales247@gmail.com

Facebook Community Page is Onetwothree Clearance for reveiws feedback and photos. 

for people who donate and would like the discount code is 123sos 


Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this page and donates.


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