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We're offering 100% free fundraising for businesses, community projects, sports clubs and much more during the coronavirus crisis.

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Our UK based coaching and support team is something we’re incredibly proud of (yes, real humans!).
We’re on hand to offer advice on how to best champion your cause and even give you tips on fundraising, should you need us.

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We have +Extra funding for our projects

We look after over millions of pounds +Extra funding from our partners, made up of a mix of public and private sector organisations, charities and funding bodies.

Think of it as an extra big pledge on your project to help you get to your target.

At this critical time, we also have specific funds which are designed especially for businesses and communities suffering the effects of the coronavirus. 

We got £22,500 in extra funds, bringing our total to over £76,000

What we're shouting about

Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe Society

We have partnered with Edinburgh Fringe to launch Fringemakers, a new platform to help support artists and venues.

Rules of reopening

The Rules of Reopening

A weekly update from our CEO

Pay it Forward Communities

Pay it Forward – Communities: With £8 million in match funding

Pay it Forward – Communities’ will enable charities, community and voluntary groups to raise vital funds and engage with their local area.

Football clubs are fighting back

How football clubs are fighting back through crowdfunding

Read about how we have been working with Football clubs to help raise vital funds.

Image of Russell Howard

Why bringing together live entertainment and fundraising is proving a powerful mix

The rise of live online fundraising has brought us closer together with the stars of stage and screen at home.

Events on crowdfunder

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Our team regularly host live and interactive sessions to share all the tips and know-how you need to be successful on Crowdfunder.