Celebrating Diversity at 10th Salifest

Celebrating Diversity at 10th Salifest

Drum and dance workshops and performance in Catford centre leading up to Community Music festival with free food and activities on 30.9.17

We did it!

On 30th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2,810 of £2,800 target with 40 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

African drumming and dance workshops for schools and older people to those who are unable to afford those valuable experiences.

We seek to widen participation in our 10th Annual Community Music Festival.  Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation brings the deep West-African musical traditions to schools and communities and Salifest was created for this, but also to share and build friendships between all our cultures. Salifest offers Live Music, drum and dance workshops, kids corner, crafts, stalls by local artisans and info about our partner's Community and Learning Centre in West-Africa. Everyone, including professional musicians give their skills and time for free. "46% of lewisham residents are of black and minority ethnic heritage" with "76% amongst school children"*  We think it urgent that more communities and people of different backgrounds get together and share their culture. For this we ask for help to reach more people. 

What we want to achieve:

  •  make the 10th Salifest free so that everyone can take part regardless of their ability to pay. (Lewisham is "in the 20%most deprived areas in England"*)
  • 2 preliminary workshops in schools run by professional musicians showcasing West-African music and culture with the aim of children, parents and teachers participating in Salifest
  • 2 preliminary dance/fitness workshops at centres for older people culminating in a workshop at Salifest
  • create partnerships with other like-minded organisations: we are in discussion with 1. IRIE! Dance theatre for performances  & 2.LEMP (regards a display of connections between Africa, Asia and the Caribbean for the 30th year of Black History Month)
  • preliminary music/dance performance in the shopping mall in Catford inviting everyone to Salifest
  • film and photo records of the day done by a developing filmaker seeking experience

Lewisham has the highest proportion of children and young people (29.6%) and older people (25.7%) in economic deprivation in England (Indicies of Multiple Deprivation 2015). (* VAL lewisham-facts-and-figures)

Alanouwaly Salifou Sylla Foundation was founded in honour of Salifou Sylla, who died young in a car crash in 2008. Salifou was an exceptional guinean musician and dancer (and Lewisham resident) with huge generosity who had a vision of creating an understanding across cultures through his artistic skills and ability to inspire, connect and unify.
In the UK we organise African music workshops in schools and a community Festival. In Guinea we support our partners with the development of a Community Centre and its projects: computer learning & internet, sewing skills & enterprise, cultural exchange and creating clean water sources.
What the £2800 covers:
  • Hall (half has been pledged by the hirers)
  • PA  (cost has been pledged)
  • cost of food  (preparation by volunteers and chef free)
  • promotion (kept to minimum, we'd rather spend money on festival)
  • all preliminary workshops 
  • preliminary performance 
  • transport expenses for volunteers where necessary
  • Film and photos of the day

We have successfully run Salifest for 9 years:
  • creating friendships and understanding between people of all backgrounds
  • we work with exceptional musicians and dancers, including those from African griot traditions, who pass down the music and history in West-Africa
  • completely funded by donations and run by volunteer contributions
  • have Public liability insurance, health & safety and risks assessment
  • opportunities for volunteering 
  • opportunities for music and dance groups to perform 
  • opportunities for local craftspersons to sell their wares
  • people attending  from all over UK and Europe/the world
  • promoted humanity and collaboration in the loving and open spirit of the late Salif
  • brought together great professional artists with amateurs and novices 
  • had FUN

Quotes from past Salifests:

"..a lovely exiting event. The drumming was vibrant." Vaishali, Simon & Melita (Lewisham)

"I love the cohesion and camaraderie between the people from all walks of life and the brilliant music make it come alive!" Patricia Carrington:  (Hampshire)

"..it's so lovely to see people joining in together, eating, dancing and making music. A really special day!" anonymous family (Colchester)

"..people join together in harmony through the highest standard of music. Celebrating a generous spirit" Ama Nwogu (Lewisham)

"..festival is just so- I don't know how to say, it it moved and lifted my spirit!" Ilse (Catford)

"You were awesome guys!!" the Massaccesi family (Brazil)

"..just wanted to say: you blew me away today! Thank you" Woody (Lewisham)

" I came all the way from Germany and will come every year now, if I can..... a beautiful place, nice people, nice food, ....the spirit of sharing, of caring one for the other, a spirit we need so urgently in these days....." Esther (Hamburg, Germany)

"...Only one of its kind in Catford (Lewisham)" Jon Dudding and Ruth Dambauer

Over the past 9 years we have perfected the efficiency of funds by staging it with 100% voluntary donations, but this year we would like to let more people experience how great and enriching Salifest and it's activities are! To build on the exchange, togetherness and giving spirit in the future.

Help Salifest reach higher, wider, deeper!

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