by Michaela Lyons in Tonyrefail, Wales, United Kingdom



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by Michaela Lyons in Tonyrefail, Wales, United Kingdom

1623705825_screenshot_20210614-221047_messenger.jpgEryn is a beautiful little warrior living in the village of Tonyrefail and for a perfect little 4 year old, she has been through more in 4 yeats than most will all their life.

Here is her story, written by her incredibly strong mammy. 

Eryn first got diagnosed with nephroblasomatosis and whilms tumour at 15 months old. A tough diagnosis for a very tough little girl with so much fight and courage.

 Following her diagnosis Eryn was transferred from the Royal Glamorgan Hospital to Noah’s Ark Children’s hospital where she underwent numerous tests and procedures to uncover a tumour on her left kidney which was 13.5cm big and a 8.5cm tumour in her right kidney. This was the cause of so much discomfort, pain and struggle to eat and digest foods. 

If Eryns cancerous tumours had continued to grow further they would have crushed her lungs and caused so many more complications. Eryn had her very first dose of chemotherapy in November 2018 and that lasted for 3 months before they realised the rumours were growing still. Eryns consultant and a panel of world experts agreed that they had to strengthen the dose over a 12 month period which then resulted in her tumours shrinking enough for surgery. 

Eryn underwent major kidney surgery on her left kidney in November 2019 to remove that tumour and like the warrior she is she bossed it! During and After recovering from surgery she had further chemotherapy for 8 months. 6 months later scans revealed more growth so she returned to theatres once more for another operation in November 2020. 

After enduring all this they finally allowed her to have a rest and a taste of a normal childhood while they waited 6 months to see what would happens. This is when they gave us the devastating news that Eryns old tumour had grown once again and another two tumours had formed too. 

Noah’s Ark Children’s hospital doctors and consultants can only offer chemotherapy at this moment in time and she starts her next gruelling session this coming Tuesday the 15th of May 2021. 

Eryn is being given chemotherapy while she awaits a transfer of care from Noah’s ark children’s hospital to great ormond street children’s hospital London. 

Eryn has more treatment, surgeries and battles to come. She has endured so much for someone so young and she still continues to amaze us all while she goes through this awful ordeal but she’s a warrior princess and leaves us all in awe of her daily.

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