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To create a Saturday Academy that inspires and improves the lives of children who need to be mentored #100forthe100

We did it!

On 20th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £17,475 of £10,000 target with 231 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target


Even though the campaign is finished, you can keep supporting the ongoing work that our charity does by donating at:


This is the best way to donate to us as we receive an additional amount (Gift Aid) whenever you do!

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**** FINAL STRETCH TARGET - £16,500 ****

Wow and thank you!! Due to feedback and the surge in support we have had to raise the target again!! We are humbled that you care about our cause this much!!

Tuesday night is the last night of the campaign, so there's not much time left at all! Every pound will be used to help us enhance and improve the programme to make it even more of an impact on our Mentees' lives. 

Specifically, we'll use these additional funds to:

*Secure notable guest speakers for during the course and/or graduation day

*Further improving the quality of mentees' graduation day

*Recruit additional Mentors, via events and other promotions to enhance and support the course

Thank you again for such strong support for our cause!


We have hit our target, but we're still fundraising. Every pound above our target helps us enhance and improve the programme to make even more of an impact on our Mentees' lives. 

How will the money be used?

We want to create a Saturday Mentoring Academy where we graduate 100 Mentees through our Community Mentoring Programme.

Each Mentee costs us a minimum of £100 per year  so for 100 Mentees, we need to raise £10,000. The funds cover the full range of costs like studying material & stationery, prizes & gifts to reward great performance, venue charges, food & refreshments, travel costs to museums etc, and more.

Any funds raised over and above our target will help us really enhance and supercharge our programme to give real value to our Mentees.

About the 100 Black Men of London

The 100 Black Men of London is a community based charity (established in 2001) led by black men, delivering programmes focused on Mentoring, Education, Economic Empowerment, and Health & Wellness.

Through our accredited Community Mentoring Programme we help our mentees develop invaluable life skills, such as building your self-estem; goal setting; money management; effective communication; succeeding at school; fitness & good nutrition; how to avoid crime & violence and more.

Our programme is delivered by passionate and positive unpaid volunteer mentors, and we will be using this crowdfunding campaign to fund our new Saturday Academy to help us graduate 100 boys and girls as mentees on our programme.

7 Superb Reasons to Support Our Campaign

7.  We are 15 years old this year - established in 2001, this is our 15th year anniversary so we are one of the longest serving Black led mentoring organisations in the country with a long track record of service to our community. And this is our very first crowdfunding campaign!

The motto of our Community Mentoring Programme is 'what they see is what they'll be', and so we aim to be positive role models to our youth through the positivity, professionalism and passion with which we do our work.

6. We have already graduated over 500 children - since 2001 we have graduated hundreds of children through mentoring programme, helping them to develop invaluable life skills, and go on to college, university and great careers. We know how to build young people to become leaders in their own right.

5. Black children in the UK still have worse outcomes in education than other children their age - a huge part of the solution to this problem is engaging young people at an early age with passionate and positive mentors, who are focused on working with young people to help them thrive.

4. Our Programme is accredited - our programme has been assessed and accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service as providing excellent training to help young people in their early professional development.

3.  Your money goes where it counts - all our work is delivered by unpaid members and volunteers, who give of their time willingly to help guide and support the youth of our community. (In fact as members, we pay annual dues to help fund our programmes, which shows how much we believe in what we do for the community). 

It means that the money you donate goes directly to fund the work that we do to help build the lives of our youth.

2. Our programme is award winning - over the years our programme has won the 100 Black Men International Leadership in Mentoring Award on 3 separate occasions; a Reach Society Recognition Award; and we have twice been nominated for a National Diversity Award. Because of the strength and depth of our experience in mentoring, we were commissioned and delivered mentoring training to the mentors of the Mayor of London's Mentoring Programme.

1. Our Programme gets results - surveys on the impact of our mentoring programme shows the tremendous effect of our mentoring with significant improvements on a wide range of key areas:

How can you contribute

We have several levels of donation and rewards for each of those amounts. Although we need to raise £100 for each of the 100 Mentees we want to be able to graduate, you can choose any one of those donation levels as most fits with how much support you want to give to us.

We are extremely grateful for each donation and as well as the other rewards listed, our President will write a personal thank you letter of acknowledgment to recognise your support.

Juse click on any of the Pledge amounts and follow the instructions.


If you believe our youth deserve the chance to achieve their goals, and fulfil their potential...


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