One thousand roses. London Bridge.

One thousand roses. London Bridge.

To raise money for 1000 roses which we'll gift on Sunday 11th June at London Bridge in an expression of love, solidarity and appreciation.

We did it!

On 20th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2,542 of £650 target with 192 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

Update 09/06/17

1000 Roses London Bridge is now 1000 Roses London. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our concept remains the same: Writing narratives of love and solidarity - not of hate and division.

London Bridge will remain the location of our campaign on Sunday, when we'll gift way over the original 1000 roses we intended.

Sincere thanks for immense show of support.


23:00 Update: It's with immense gratitude that I can say we've reached £2300.  More than triple the original target. More than 3000 roses will be making their way to London Bridge God Willing! I am incredibly excited about Sunday. With any funds that exceed the stretch target I intend to replicate the event on another day. 

To continue to support this initiative like the Facebook page or tweet using #1000RosesLondonBridge

Photos of the event to be uploaded onto Facebook shortly!


We've smashed it!

Sincere thanks to all the wonderful people who have donated already. 

1000 Roses London Bridge is expanding. We'll now be giving out at least 3000 roses. My revised target will be to buy more roses and a card to affix to each one.

This is the place, this is the moment, this is the time to take hold of the pen and decide what narrative will define us in the wake of dark and distressing times. 

While the shock waves still reverberate, we remain standing in defiance of those who would divided us. 

Be part of a movement to celebrate love, community and our common humanity. 

The idea is simple. Donate a rose. Help us fund one thousand. And on Sunday we'll gift them at London Bridge in an expression of love, solidarity and appreciation. 

Why?  Because we won't let London Bridge fall down nor any bridge upon which our great communities are built.


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