10,000 Flags for Yes2

by Forward as One in Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom

10,000 Flags for Yes2
We did it
On 27th July 2018 we successfully raised £1,478 with 83 supporters in 28 days

To saturate Scotland with Yes 2 Flags and raise funds for the 2018 Dunfermline Yes Parade & Festival on 1st September 2018

by Forward as One in Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

£60000 would mean us hitting our full £8000 target, delivering a full 10,000 flags to Scottish donors and saturating Scotland while at the same also delivering nearly £13000 to the newly established Scottish Independence Fund in donations. 

It's that time again and we are in full swing arranging the follow-up to the highly successful Yes March and Rally in Dunfermline in 2017.  Like last year, we have chosen a financial funding model which gives a value service to those who donate without taking direct donations away from other parts of the movement.

MARK THE DATE : 1st September 2018, Dunfermline

Rather than just a donation, we like to ensure that you get both the rally and something for your donation. Like 2017, for the 2018 Parade and Festival, we will be using the funds from selling Yes 2 Flags to fund the rally.

Unfortunately, the Yes 2 Flag design which was signed over to Forward as One for funding such projects has been marred by a number of counterfeits being sold on ebay.

The Yes 2 Logo is a Yes Movement stable, seen around Scotland and carried in every march. When designed, to protect the logo from being used by those of an opposing viewpoint or being used for personal profit, it was copyrighted with the express conditions that it could be used by:

1. Any part of the Yes movement for profit, but only where those profits were going directly to part of the Yes Movement for operating costs to further the cause i.e. hubs, marches, rallies etc.

2. Any part of the yes movement for graphics so long as no profit derived.

Unfortunately, it has since been reproduced and used for profit by several businesses who are registered in England. 

The problem is that these rip-offs do nothing for the Yes Movement, are undercutting and destroying our ability to raise funds for the 2018 event in Dunfermline and also cause issues for the charities and foodbanks supported by suzanne. 

Therefore we have decided to kill 2 birds with one stone by simultaneously funding the rally and saturating Scotland with lower-priced flags bought in bulk.

We're running this crowdfunding to be able to put a massive order in for the flags, maintaining the profit margin so we can fund the rally while simultaneously giving everyone the opportunity to get a flag.

For each £6 you donate we will give you 1 Yes 2 Flag.

The costs.

We will be ordering flags in bulk in batches of 1000.

The breakdown:

Each flag will cost us £1.20 to make.

Transport Costs per flag - £0.15

VAT per flag - £0.24

Import tax per flag - 3p

Crowdfunder fee per flag - £0.48   (This figure is 8% of the total raised and includes a 5% crowd funder fee, a 1.67% transaction fee and VAT).

We have partnered with Ayemail.Scot to provide the mailing and logistics at £1.80 per flag including postage and packing.

Total cost per flag - £3.90

Money donated to Forward as One for 2018 event: £2.10

Flag information: These are 5ft x 3ft in size. 


Last years event cost us a total of just under £3000, however this year we need a bigger stage (£1300 extra) and insurance is higher in cost than last year. There are also a few other ancillary costs we have in terms of an event happening at the festival which we don't want to tell you about because that will just spoil the surprise, but suffice to say it has never been done at a yes event before.

We will make savings in items we purchased last year that we can re-use. This should save around £500.

We would very much like to hire a big screen this year, which is around £900 and we'd also like to arrange special seating for those with a disability.

We are therefore aiming for funds of around £6000 - £8000. With every £ over the £6000 mark we can add more to the day.


Any profit over the £8000, we will be using to fund other projects. 

As per 2017, all of our costs and receipts for the event will be published publicly. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£6 or more

Yes 2 Flag

For every £6 you donate you get 1 x Yes 2 Flag. They will be dispatched within 4 weeks of the fundraiser closing date.

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