1000 Mama Kits for Somalia

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1000 Mama Kits for Somalia
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Help people who are in need

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SIXTEEN mothers die during childbirth every single day in Somalia Access to basic equipment like gloves, sutures, and even blankets can prevent some of these tragic deaths.  Sadly when this equipment is needed to save a mother and her child, money may not be available, the shops with the equipment may not be open or there may not be anyone who can go to buy the necessities for the mother.

Doctors for Africa wants to buy 1000 Mama Kits that contain the basic necessities for a safe delivery,  so the neediest pregnant women in Mogadishu don't have to buy the basic equipment they need to have a safe labour

Let's make '1000 Mama Kits for Somalia' happen