1000 Fishes Community Fund Raising Event

1000 Fishes Community Fund Raising Event

We Are Raising Money For Three Hospice Care Centres In The South West So We Need You To Become A Fish.

We did it!

On 1st Sep 2015 we successfully raised £38 with 3 supporters in 42 days

We Are Raising Money For Three Hospice Care Centres In The South West So We Need You To Become A Fish.



About the project

We have over one thousand fishy wind socks that all need sponsoring or a home to go too. These will be displayed within and around our town of St Austell, in sunny Cornwall between 1st and 31st August.

This is a charity fund raising event set up by the fishy team and that we hope to hold this event every other year, so we need you to become a fishy by either purchasing or sponsoring some of our magical fish. The more fishy friends we have the more funds we raise so that this intern can help transform the lives of some very special people.

This year we are dedicating the funds to three local charities, The Children’s Hospice South West, The Mount Edgcumbe Hospice and the Merlin MS Centre all of which are well worthy and dedicated charities who work tirelessly to giving care and support to very poorly children and adults.  I think that we all know of someone that has, or is currently affected for which these charities have provided essential help and support.

You can read more about his mad idea at our 1000 fishes web site


I Want To Be a fish !

You can purchase a fish online for £4.00 and this includes shipping. (WE NOW ONLY HAVE THE GOLDFISH STYLE LEFT IN STOCK )

To purchase a fish simply click the Pledge button, this will then take you to the link where you can then just Pledge funds. Here you can also leave us your message and your address so that we can fish these out to you.

DON’T FORGET even if you purchase one or some fish then please leave us a message so that we can display these on one of our new 'I WANT TO BE A FISH' labels.  Every customer can leave a message if they wish and it’s nice that you do so as it adds to the event. Just read the how to leave a message section bellow.

How do I sponsor a fish?

PLEASE NOTE when you sponsor a fish these then stay with us on display at every event we hold and we do not send these out to you but we ask that you leave us your special message.  If you want us to send you a fish then please let us know and send us your address.

How do I leave a message?

Once you have clicked and made a Pledge you can then leave a message. We will print off your messages onto one of our special new "I want to be a fish" labels and this will be tied to the fishy poles for all to view.  Your message will then remain on display up until the end of august when the fish will leave us taking your messages back out to sea.  Now your messages can be anything you like, you can dedicate it to a family member or a friend, a loved one or a lost one or you can just say have a great day and then your name....  so whatever you like but make it special to you.  We have had some fantastic messages ranging from some real funny ones to some overwhelming heart wrenching ones that made blubber like a load of wet fish, however make it special and meaningful to you.  We can then print this off for you on to one of our new I WANT TO BE A FISH labels that can then be allocated to one of our fishy poles for all to see


The Event

If you would like to know as to what’s on during the main day then please visit our web page www.1000fishes.co.uk this will be updated as we go.  NOW!! Before you all pack your bags to come and visit us please be aware that it’s not a Glastonbury festival, so don't get excited as the only star entertaining you will be me and a few friends that I have dragged along for the day, but you are all more than welcome as Cornwall is a great place to be and live, as long as you take your rubbish home with you (",)

OK as well as being a bad writer, poet, sales person and basically a nuts what am I doing kind of person, I am also training to be a hypnotherapist   (Heck I had to Google that) So the next thing that you need to do is to tell a friend so that they can then tell more friends about this and all buy or sponsor some of our fish... Well funds are tight and I'm sure you would all like to help in promoting

Oh if you have any ideas like if you can make fish, sing, face paint, have a band or you have some amazing talent that doesn't involve taking your clothes off  (it’s a family day), and you are in the area the love to hear from you

For more info about this event and to see all our pics along with the people that you will help then visit us at www.1000fishes.co.uk

Take care every one, keep in touch and happy fishy summer. XX  .........

Luv I'M A FISH  and the fishy team XX



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