100 mile Dartmoor Pack Pony Challenge FILM

To produce a documentary centred on the "100 mile Challenge" with the purpose of raising awareness of the plight of the Dartmoor pony.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


We’re Crowdfunding to raise funds for the post production costs to make a documentary that can be shared and entered into the international film festivals around the world. Having shot this film for the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust I want to make a documentary that can be viewed by a global audience, creating a greater understanding and awareness of the plight of the Dartmoor pony.

Dru Butterfield of the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust, Paul Rendell, moorland guide and Sam Goodwin of 'Dartmoor Pony and Pack' with his ponies Billy and Jasmine, have done it! They have completed a real 'first' in the UK; a fundraising 100-mile Challenge walking across Dartmoor.

They were celebrating the role of the Dartmoor pony, critical to the livelihood - and ultimately the survival - of those who lived and worked on the Moor in centuries gone by. Sam made replicas of ancient pack pony equipment, the ponies had months of training and the team retraced historic pack pony routes, experiencing some of this country's most stunning - and treacherous - environments.

Why? To raise awareness of the heritage, temperament and capability of the Dartmoor pony and its historical role as a vital partner to people on Dartmoor; and to raise funds towards the DPHT's Dartmoor Pony Conservation Grazing Research project with Plymouth University and Dartmoor Zoo. As previously reported on our website, this will study the ponies' benefit to biodiversity on Dartmoor and ultimately for conservation grazing across the UK.

I followed, filmed and became part of this incredibly journey - I'd love to be able to make a documentary about the whole experience and then share it with the world, giving the Dartmoor pony a much better chance of survival. 

Thank you.


Photos courtesy of Malcolm Snelgrove & Kathy Tipping