100 hectares of fine aroma cacao

by JUAN LOPEZ in Quito, , Ecuador

100 hectares of fine aroma cacao
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The idea of the project is to plant fine aroma cocoa in 100 hectares that I own and export it, so we can create more jobs.

by JUAN LOPEZ in Quito, , Ecuador

I am an Ecuadorian - British Citizen.

I have spend 14 years in the UK with my family, and now that I have inherited a property (100 hectares) in Ecuador, where is plant and produce the best fine aroma cacao in the world Chone-Manabi.

You can read a bit more where to'ak 's cacao is come from one of the more expensive chocolate. https://toakchocolate.com/pages/our-story

The best team I have is the people and family who has been born and live in this area, they know everything about the plantation,  how to look after the production, its best treatment and more about cacao.

My vision is to plant the 100 hectares and more, be a company where all our people young adults and older could have a better way of living in this area, access to education, dissent houses, and be part of the company and not be only employees.

Once the whole property is in its full production, why not produce our own chocolate, cacao' derivatives and even export it to luxury shop all over the world. 

With the money that I will raise, I will start working in the fields to plant by hectare employing the locals that has been trained and taught.

Also I will look for international buyers for the fine aroma cacao beans, derivatives and chocolates.




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20,000 or more

20000 Reward

I will pay for a week tour in Ecuador (one of the more amazing countries) including the property in self (not flights) .

£40 or more

40 Reward

I will make sure that you receive 2 chocolate bars, home made using the fine aroma cacao from our farms.

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