ICIE: The #IC2K Campaign

ICIE: The #IC2K Campaign

"Your collective contribution of £2,000 towards my new music project, will help me to deliver my BEST WORK EVER!" -Icie #IC2K

We did it!

On 3rd May 2018 we successfully raised £1,565 with 52 supporters in 56 days

In the early part of 2017, I spent a lot of time searching  for my identity in music after feeling a sense of confusion and failure. 

 I started the year comparing myself to EVERYONE around me and felt that I didn't measure up to what was out there,my Spotify streams were poor, my Youtube views were embarrassing and nothing I was doing musically seemed to resonate with the mass media and gatekeepers. 

I doubted myself and I doubted my purpose.

I had to go back to the drawing board and retrace my steps, searching for a period of time when I made music FREELY with no expectations, a time where I created just for the LOVE of creating.

And there it  was ...back in 2012, Commission had decided a couple years earlier to hang up our mic as a duo and I had now embarked on my first solo project 'THE ENTREE'.

When making the project I had no expectations , no metrics to meet , no invisible pressures I just created for the sake of creating music. I handpicked a selection of instrumentals, got writing and then released it with NO FUSS. The response from the mixtape showed me that I was BORN TO DO THIS...I was created to make music that connects with people on a deeper level, it was such an opener and to date it is one of my MOST well received pieces of work across the board.

With M.O.C I went back to the very same space I was in with The Entree and created music from my heart straight to yours, no filters,no radio songs,no playlist songs,no singles ...just music created with no expectations. In my writing sessions I asked God to just guide my pen , to lead each flow and the content of each song and I am so happy with what we've been working on.

As a result of this I have close to 24 songs in the wings and for me THIS IS MY BEST WORK ...EVER!...EVER!

Now to push this project out there and deliver it in the way I envisage  I NEED YOUR  HELP financially to do so.  I was VERY sceptical about doing a crowdfunder as I didn't want to feel like I was out here with my cup out begging , I wanted to act like I had it altogether...like I can finance this all by myself...BUT I DON'T have it all together and I do need assistance to present this music in the right way.

To ALL those who see themselves as supporters/fans  of my music or just feel it has impacted them in some way I need your collective contribution to raise £2,000  for this new project.

This money will go towards:

-Mixing and Mastering

-Music Visuals and Artwork

 -PR & Marketing

-Headline Show and Merchandise

I truly believe TOGETHER with your help we can meet this target and more, I have accompanied this request with an army or REWARDS so be rest assured there's something in it for you as well.

Endeavour to get your friends,family,work colleagues,church involved in #IC2K the more who rally round this cause,the more investment, the better the outcome of the project.

 It's as simple as 200 people ...donating £10 each...can we make that happen right?

Love and Gratitude in advance.







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