1 Step at a Time

1 Step at a Time

Rebuild community spirit and help people who are vulnerable & due to be rehoused by asking the community for donations of furniture etc.

We did it!

On 22nd Oct 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Project aim

Rebuid community spirit and help people who have fled domestic violence or are due to be rehoused by asking the community for donations of furniture white goods etc and redistributing these items to the needy.

About the project

We are a team of volunteers that feel passionate about providing help to not just the Newport community but also the Torfaen community with assistance and support with re-homing. Being re-homed is difficult and can be incredibly stressful. Not knowing where your bed, cooker, microwave even curtains may come from can be too overwhelming. People are placed in properties without the necessary resources and advice on how to manage and maintain the property they’re placed in. Simple things such as advice on gas and electric meters to enable them to better cope with their bills or essential items they may need once they are in a designated property just to get them started. Just having your own place can give you a sense of reassurance and self confidence which is essential but we as a team of volunteers realise there’s more that needs to be done in order for people recently re-homed to succeed and have stability through their tenancies so they don’t feel like they’ve failed when things don’t seem to be going so well. They have a head start which will prepare them to not fail.

We at 1 Step at a Time will endeavour to do the best we can to help people obtain some if not all of the essentials they need to live a normal life and help them feel more like a person than a statistic and empower them to make more of themselves than they thought possible!

We don’t provide miracles just support! It’s a two way street, we support you and you help us support others!

All we ask is that if you have any unwanted furniture or even a simple tin of food please consider posting it on our page so that somebody can benefit from your kind gesture. It’s surprising what we can achieve together.

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