Donate £1 to support 100 charities

by Lee Sar in Rye, England, United Kingdom

Donate £1 to support 100 charities
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On 18th October 2021 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporters in 28 days

Hardcore crowdfunding with a soft centre adhering to a family challenge set by my 9 year old, to make mummy a more

by Lee Sar in Rye, England, United Kingdom

Now there are some wonderful fundraisers on here. I myself have donated to several over the years and will continue to do so.

However, not all Crowdfunding has to come from similar beginnings. Not all are businesses or charities. Why can't your donation benefit more than just one charity? How about it benefits 100 charities, 100 people, and me! That's a lot of bang for your buck.

It started with a bet. 

Over dinner with the kids on their phones and conversation not exactly flowing, my partner anxiously mentions he's set up a gaming YouTube channel. He thinks he can compete with the gamers for followers/subscribers. I admit, I laughed (we're too old to be YouTubers I'm sure of it!).

Jokingly I declared I'll be a millionaire before he gets 1000 followers. Me. Mum of five, bored housewife and plumbers partner!

Our cheeky 9 year old Oscar lifted his head up from his phone (I know phones at the table, I'm a terrible mother!) and decided this absolutely had to be a challenge and that I should try to meet it. Much giggling at our absolute non millionaire lifestyles we went on to finish dinner and all was forgotten. Except it wasn't; I got thinking.

Could I really be a millionaire before he got his followers? (BTW he still has none). It sounded so crazy, but then I went on to thinking maybe I could help people at the same time. I'm a bit of a charity supporter and have volunteered in a few roles over the years. I encourage my children to give generously and to always think of others. I decided there was simply no way I could raise that amount of money without donating some.

My initial thoughts were to simply (simply?! ha) raise a million for charity. I mean it's 'just' a million, Captain Tom (RIP) raised an amazing 33 million! (Fancy a nosey at where his fundraising went? However, this would not make me a millionaire, just a fundraiser and thus I would fail the challenge (albeit superbly succeed at fundraising!).

That's when I came up with the plan to raise 3 million GBP divided as follows:

£10,000 each for 100 charities (determined by the donors)

£10,000 each for 100 randomly picked donors 

1 million for me (whether I choose to donate this, share or keep is a private discussion for after the completion of the challenge)

Sounds a little crazy no? A bit far fetched? But then have you tried it? Would you dare to?

I need 3 MILLION people to donate £1 of their hard earned cash. When you donate, please name a charity you would like to see supported, and I'll choose 100 on completion of the challenge. Each donor will receive a number for the random return donation to 100 people.

Now you understand why I'm making such an odd request, would you please donate £1 to my challenge to be a millionaire before my partner gets 1000 followers to his channel, whilst also supporting 100 charities with £10,000 each, plus a chance at £10,000 each for yourself and 99 others. 

Turn your £1 into 100 charity donations!


This is a personal cause Crowdfunder. All donations will go direclty to me and I will split the donations as per details above. If the 3 million is not reached, whatever is raised will be split 3 ways (100 charites, 100 donors and me).

Got an idea like this?

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