£1 for 1 thing and 1 share

£1 for 1 thing and 1 share
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me so please donate and help me reach my target

Started on 21st April 2020 York, England, United Kingdom

I am fundraising for a local Hospice called Manorlands in Oxenhope West Yorkshire which provides essential expert palliative care for people, bereavement support for their families and support people with life-limiting conditions free of charge.They are part of the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust but rely heavily on fundraising efforts to keep providing these essential services and it's smaller but essential organisations like this that have been hugely affected by the Pandemic and have lost huge amounts of funding due to people being unable to fundraise and are not been given the financial support they need.  

I have a best friend who is an NHS nurse and know many other fantastic front line and key workers in various sectors who have been putting themselves first and heading into work to try to save lives and support others since this pandemic began and really felt I wanted to do something to contribute but what? what could I do? I have a busy job and am currently working full time from home and trying to manage childcare at the same time, and just get through the day like everyone else (I kept telling myself) Then I watched Captain Tom Moore and his amazing effort and I realised that if he can do something we all can. 

Now I have something in common with that amazing human...we share a birthday in 9 days time and since I certainly won't be partying this year I thought i'd throw my energy into trying to do something positive instead and I wanted to invite anyone else who wanted to get involved to join me as part of my birthday celebration as I imagine there are probably loads of you feeling the same way as me wanting to do something to help The NHS and it's surrounding charities but just not really having the time, mental head space, resources or money in the current climate so I've come up with an idea inspired by a campaign that ran earlier in the year called "The One Pond Warriers" which i'm calling...... "£1 for 1 thing and 1 share"

I'm asking everyone to do one thing whatever that thing is that you can easily and realistically do in your current situation...If it's getting through your homeschooling without swearing, if it's emptying your laundry basket for the first time in you can;t even remember right through to if you've learned a new skill/hobby or taught someone else at home a new skill. It can be anything you feel to be an achievement in this madness. Then I'm asking you to share your one thing, donate £1 for doing it and share my link once on social media.

If every person on my friends list donated £1 we'd raise almost £1000 and if everyone then shared and all those people donated the amount would rise dramatically. To kick start donations I'm putting in £100 to start and that is my present to myself that I'm doing something good this year...and If I can raise my target as promised a couple of weeks ago, I'll allow myself a haircut...care of my 3 year old Molly and i'll do it live on Facebook!!

Thank you.

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