1-2-Kick Ltd - Dorset 1-1 Football Coaching

1-2-Kick Ltd - Dorset 1-1 Football Coaching

Many young footballers get lost in the numbers in some community clubs and sessions. I want to work with these players 1-1 and help them.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been a football coach for over 10 years now and hold a full FA Youth Award certification. The majority of this time volunteering in community clubs around Dorset. Over the last 3 years I have began to mentor coaches, watch sessions they deliver with the intention of giving them tips to improve, throughout almost every session I found an issue. Not enough 1-1 contact time with some players who were unable to grasp sucess of the session on the day. 

This gave me my idea of wanting to start up a 1-1 Football Development company with the sole focus on working with any individuals who wanted specific help or overall help in they're development.

The USP about my company was that I would be willing to work with any player whereever they want to work. I put a feeler out for this service 12 months ago and have 2 clients where I visit every 2 weeks in the luxury of their own backgarden or local playing field. I know the market is out there and with links into several pre academy/development centres and semi professional setups I feel I can cater for any age from 7-23 years of age and give players the best possible chance of success locally. If my client wants to work on throw in's, we will work on that. I will cater for whatever my players need. 

The company is also wanting to support local community events and provide football themed birthday parties. I have already delivered 6 parties in the last 12 months. 

The crowdfunding is to support the next level of my project, this involves purchasing specific equiptment to allow a much more variety of sessions and sessions for goalkeepers specifically. Branded clothing  and vehicle signage to promote 1-2-Kick Ltd. 

The company is mine and mine alone, I take great pride in what I do and how I can improve the players I get to coach. I want the exact same for my company, to build a reputable status in Dorset and eventually hire additional coaches to work with their own sets of players they have met over the course of ther're coaching paths. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support. 

Matt Belben