Dry cleaning/carpet cleaning / collection delivery

by Farhad khosraviyar in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Dry cleaning/carpet cleaning / collection delivery


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After 14 years working hard now we are facing a big challenge and need your help to keep our business open by purchasing our services

by Farhad khosraviyar in Croydon, England, United Kingdom


 we're inviting our community to buy Caspian dry cleaners experiences now, to be redeemed in future This will give us the cash flow we need to survive the next few months while offices are close and our customers working from home.

  • The current crisis obviously means we aren't hopeful of running  normally  any time soon
  • During the early stages of the UK's COVID-19 pandemic we took the difficult decision, for the first time in 14years, to close our doors. We did this ahead of government intervention as we thought it was the most socially responsible thing to do. Unfortunately we’ve found ourselves in the increasingly difficult position to keep our door open in future.
  • we have received no relief on rent and have received absolutely no compensation from our insurers,  most of our customers are office workers and now they are working from home ,we face a very real threat of permanent closure within only a few short months,

  • By purchasing one of the below options, however big or small;  you helping The Caspian dry cleaners  survive,

  • You can buy one of our services such as dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning  and alterations.

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