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Matt's Community Choir

by Louisa Dwyer in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th November 2018 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporters in 35 days

Our Community Choir would seek to deepen the sense of belonging, wellbeing & hope for some of the most isolated people in Swansea.

by Louisa Dwyer in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Singing Together Brings a Community Together!

Please show us your support so we can create a community of music, fun and friendship, declaring a message of hope to our city!

Matt’s Community Choir

Matt’s Community Choir is a new project to bring the local community together to raise their voice in song and to promote and sustain the well-being of local people, guests and volunteers at Matthew's House. 

John Rutter in The Importance of Choir says that "Choral music is not one of life’s frills. It’s something that goes to the very heart of our humanity, our sense of community, and our souls. You express, when you sing, your soul in song. And when you get together with a group of other singers, it becomes more than the sum of the parts. All of those people are pouring out their hearts and souls in perfect harmony, which is kind of an emblem for what we need in this world, when so much of the world is at odds with itself."

Matthew's House 

Matthew's House exists to provide a ‘home’ in the heart of Swansea for those who are most vulnerable. A building that is known for unconditional hospitality and hope – providing a lifeline for the homeless, vulnerable and lonely. Matthew’s House has a team of over 80 volunteers and a pay-as-you-feel cafe. We have served over 22,000 meals in the past 18 months to some of Swansea’s most vulnerable residents. We have stories of guests who have gone on to become volunteers and then on to starting their own businesses or returning to education. Since opening in January 2017, Matthew’s House has created a community with a growing track record of improving wellbeing and positively impacting the lives of those who have walked through the door. At the same time, it is helping to change society by intercepting tonnes of food waste destined for the landfill. It has gained the attention of the BBC, ITV, government websites and other media outlets.

Fun and Friendship

The launch of our Community Choir would seek to deepen the sense of belonging, wellbeing and connectedness for some of the most isolated people in our city. The aim will be to develop self-esteem and bring joy even in the hardest times of life. Everyone will be welcome, whatever their circumstances - whether they feel they can sing or not, everyone can find their singing voice with practise! We plan to sing fun, uplifting and familiar songs that everyone will know.

We plan to organise performances and these will help to raise awareness of Matthew’s House and the issues affecting our city while fundraising for the future sustainability of the choir, Matthew’s House and other charities in Wales.

Wellbeing and Social Inclusion

A quick glance at Google will show much research on the benefits of community singing - something that many past generations would attest to. Research produced by Jacques Launay of Oxford University is one source outlining the enormous benefits gained from singing in a choir and just how popular an activity it is. 2.8 million Britons are now estimated to belong to a choir! 

Launay found that singing is beneficial to both physical and mental health and also, particularly importantly, creates strong social bonds really quickly.


“Singing provides an inclusive and cost-effective means of combating the disintegration of communities that is becoming endemic in many societies today.”


With funding in place, Matt’s Community Choir would contain no financial barrier for entry, providing a fantastic means of breaking down walls created by social division. For many it will bring the first real sense of friendship and belonging in their lives, laying the foundations towards building a better future. As part of our ethos at Matthew's House, we will create a community where people can feel they belong and grow in resilience and confidence. We passionately believe that music can help break down societal barriers.


Funding raised through Crowdfunder would make our dream a reality:

  • free access for members
  • sheet music 
  • staging concerts 
  • ongoing expertise from professional musicians helping each member to reach their very best.

Our Dream

If we exceed our target of £10,000 we can start to develop further exciting music projects as well. Matt's Community Choir is just the start of our plans. Our dream is to develop a far-reaching Community Music Project - Matt's Music! 

We passionately believe that music is for everyone, and that we all should have the chance to experience the joy of music.

We would love to see our wonderful guests, volunteers and the local community come together to sing, learn instruments, form groups and experience the joy of making music together! 

Let's provide a place where people are welcome to:-

Participate - in music groups, choirs, bands, orchestras.

Progress - by receiving quality teaching from specialist teachers.

Perform -  in concerts to show their amazing skills and talents.

Participation creates Community!

Progress creates Competence!

Performing creates Confidence!

Extra funding could make this happen, enabling us to provide instruments, tuition and music, along with heating and cups of tea!

Why not donate and be part of this amazing story? You can help give some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society the chance to shine!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

4 concert tickets

4 free tickets to a Matthew's House Community Choir concert.

£60 or more

6 concert tickets

6 free tickets to a Matthew's House Community Choir concert.

£100 or more

10 concert tickets

10 free tickets to a Matthew's House Community Choir concert.

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