'Trap, Prey, Lust' book funding

by Carolyn Shanti in London, England, United Kingdom

'Trap, Prey, Lust' book funding
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To create awareness about sexual abuse, and the disturbing effects of these crimes on individuals. To give hope for healing

by Carolyn Shanti in London, England, United Kingdom

I have written a book called 'Trap, Prey, Lust', the hidden sexual crimes of the rich and famous. The book is a novel, based on my own story of growing up in a wealthy family but behind the closed doors of privilege were terrible sexual secrets. It is to be published at the end of October by Filament Publishing  but we are lacking last minute funds.

I was raped my own father at a very young age and he was a successful businessman in the fashion industry. Four years ago I had memories of this abuse where other members of my fathers club also committed sexual crimes against me. The memories and trauma were terrible for me and I developed Post Traumatic Stress. The book takes the lid off the whole subject of sexual abuse and what really happens in these families and occult groups. 

My life has been as a practicing social worker and university lecturer for over thirty years. I have published many articles about social issues in our societies. This current book, my first of a trilogy, is both to create awareness of what sexual abuse is but to also offer hope to those who suffer in this way. I have successfully come through four years of healing. It is indeed possible to heal. I have offered everything to this book and am now without funds. Publication date and launch of the book is at the end of October. 

After publication, I will be giving talks around London in public libraries and bookshops, I then hope to take the book to other parts of the UK where sexual abuse statistics are very high. Then I plan to take the book to India Australia and the USA where interest and concern is at a record high about sexual abuse. 

Overall my intentions are to created awareness and to give hope of recovery to others. 


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Group presentation about book to those interested in the mission

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