(Transpersonal)Hypnotherapy WORKS

by Janie L Greville in London, England, United Kingdom

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To enable prospective students to afford to train as a transpersonal hypnotherapist with Jack Elias this Sept/Oct.

by Janie L Greville in London, England, United Kingdom

In 1997 I was ‘sectioned’ on the eve of my 40th birthday, diagnosed instantly with “manic depression”, and I had (according to a nurse, subsequently, who was there at the time) illegally high doses of haloperidol and chlorprozapine fed to me against my will. My hair fell out, I lost 8lbs, and I suffered physical difficulties triggered by these toxic chemicals. 

At the time I told myself that I had found myself at the mercy of psychiatric hospitalisation for a reason and that that reason would become clear in time. 

It took 16 years of being dug deeper and deeper into the seemingly bottomless hole of psychiatric control and retreat to find Matt Greenshields, at Hypnoworks, to dig me out of the extremely deep hole I had fallen into, and to see me where I am now, three years later : cleared of vulnerabilities rooted in my childhood that had rendered me susceptible to the outcomes in the mental health services which occurred.

The reason for my experience has become abundantly clear: my purpose is not merely to raise awareness of the cruel iniquities taking place in the publically funded framework of Mental Health diagnoses and “care” but also to work with suffering individuals to restore their healthy lives so as to reduce the need for this form of ‘care’. 

Jack Elias,based in Seattle, USA, is the creator and promoter of this form of therapy that is showing such extraordinary power to overcome habits of thought, feeling, behaviour and body that threaten our freedom to work and associate and realise our positive potential.

He offers to train 6-8 students in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy this Sept/October in South Hampstead, London, at the base of London Holistic Practice between 20th September and 6th October this year.

I am very lucky as I possess the £3000 fee for this course - I’m aware that not everyone is so blessed. I know two or three people who would make good therapists and who are based, as I am, in the West Midlands where there are many chronically suffering people who would benefit hugely from receiving Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. 

I wish to raise money to provide financial assistance to such worthy students. I imagine that once qualified these students will become able to reimburse the funders so that we will be able to ‘pay it forward’ in the ongoing purpose of ending the government funded variant of imprisonment and chemical poisoning, frankly, of non criminal suffering individuals in our society as well as those whose suffering does not attract such consequences but does reduce their capacities to embrace life with appreciation and joy. 

Thank you SO SO much for helping me to get this journey begun 


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