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To complete 'The Human's in the Telling' project to inspire people to remember the stories of the past. www.thehumansinthetelling.org

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We need your support to complete 

'The Human's in the Telling.'

The Humans In The Telling is a story sharing our family tale to encourage others to share theirs. 

There are many ways to tell a story and we are working on a film, podcast, recording & book to reach out to as many people, in as many media as possible, leading up to the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials and 70th of The European Convention in 2020. 

A commemorative project by members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe. Find out who we are here and discover more about the project below or at www.thehumansinthetelling.org.

'To have a new vision of the future, it has always first been necessary to have a new vision of the past' Theodore Zeldin

Ours is a family story, that tells of the journey of our great grandfather, David Maxwell Fyfe, from Nuremberg to Strasbourg. His noted cross-examinations of leading Nazis at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, led directly to his involvement in the creation of the European Convention on Human Rights, protecting rights and freedoms after the horrors committed during the Second World War.

It centres on a song cycle, Dreams of Peace & Freedom alongside
 our discovery of David Maxwell Fyfe's life and work, inspiring people to remember the stories of the past and to learn its lessons to shape the future.



We have shot a FILM - Told through the lens of history, it immerses you in our story, uncovering layers of letters, archive and the 7 places that made Maxwell Fyfe who he was.

Discover our film script.

Explore clips of what we have shot so far.


People with busy lives can hear our story through a RECORDING and PODCAST. 

You can now listen to our entire story through the podcast here. 


We have interested publishers in a BOOK that gives a deeper insight into our story, delving into history and giving a personal account of our telling of it.

Read more about our book here.

We need your support to finish our film, book and podcast, to tell our story for future generations so that they can relive the past and own their history.


All those who give us their support will be kept up to date with our progress and will have early access to our book, film, podcast and recording. We will also let you know in good time about the 2020 commemorative performances.

Helena Kennedy said that in relation to human rights 'the human is in the asking.' 

But we believe the human is in the telling.


Find out more about the project at our website - www.thehumansinthetelling.org 

Discover who we are at - http://www.thehumansinthetelling.org/about

Follow our journey on Twitter @OfficialTHINT

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