‘Protect Me’ baby & child breathing bracelets

by EmmaR in Chessington, Greater London, England

‘Protect Me’ baby & child breathing bracelets
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To raise money for the manufacturing of ‘Protect Me’ baby & child breathing bracelets.

by EmmaR in Chessington, Greater London, England

We are raising money to fund the manufactur and production of a brand new product ‘Protect Me’. The product is designed for babies and children with heart or breathing conditions or just purely for peace of mind.

After losing a baby in the family to cot death 7 years ago I decided to create a product which detects the breathing and pulse rates of a child.

These Velcro bracelets are fitted with a highly sensitive chip which sounds an alarm if your child stops breathing for more than 10 seconds.

There are numerous breathing products on the market but most are limited to the child’s cot or Moses basket. ‘Protect Me’ can be used anywhere and gives the parent/career complete peace of mind.

We are looking to raise £80,000 to manufacture and market the product in the U.K. and the United States and hope to expand worldwide within the next 5 years.

We have already approached retailers with the view to be ready for sale by January 2019. This can only be achieved with your help.

Any donations will be gratefully apreciated 


Let's make '‘Protect Me’ baby & child breathing bracelets' happen