‘My life saved - by the most unlikely friendship.’

by Jamie Janeson in London, England, United Kingdom

‘My life saved - by the most unlikely friendship.’
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To tell the inspirational, unbelievable but true story of the unlikely friendship that saved the life of a young woman torn apart by alcohol

by Jamie Janeson in London, England, United Kingdom

Jamie Janeson is a pseudonym, used to protect innocent parties connected to the unbelievable but true story of a young woman whose alcohol-ravaged life was turned around by the most unlikely friendship. The money will go towards making sure that this important, inspirational story of friendship - that gradually dragged the victim away from a life of some unimaginable horrors - can be told. Ultimately, the story - either in film, book or audio form - will serve to show the positive power that friendship can have, and also how friendship is so much a two-way street, benefiting both sides in different, sometimes unexpected ways. And that trust, responsibility and purpose are the keys to such much in life - for everyone.

The story is full of kindness but it will also lift the lid on the darkness that resides in even the most genteel town - the abuse that goes on, sexual and physical; the agendas that often come with a helping hand; and the casual use of the vulnerable for gratification. In addition, the story will touch on the world of rehab and its serial relapsers, and show that, at the bottom of the pile, the supposed safety net of the welfare state has plenty of holes in it.

All those who help fund the writing of this project will receive credits.

It is the most extraordinary story that this talented and experienced - but debut long-form - writer has exclusive access to. Its journey takes us through scenes of knife-edge tension and wildly conflicting emotions, and encompasses the widest range of human feeling: exhilaration, despair, pride, guilt, lust, hate, paranoia, shame...

But underpinning the narrative is love, and how the respect and affection between a chalk-and-cheese pair is the saviour of one of them, and possibly both...


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This amazing story is completely true but identities are being protected to protect innocent parties. So pseudonyms will have to be used for the characters. Why not have one of them named after you?

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