'Lost Head' Mental health awareness and help

by Scott Awty in Hull, England, United Kingdom

'Lost Head' Mental health awareness and help


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My aim is to provide sufferers of mental illness somewhere to look and help them handle their mental illness.

by Scott Awty in Hull, England, United Kingdom

My name is Scott. I am a father, an app developer and a sufferer of clinical depression. Through my daily life my depression is constantly on my mind with things such as, "Can I get through the day without breaking down crying?""Will today be the day I completely lose control and end my life?","Will my son ask me why i look sad today?".

This isn't just myself thinking these things, 1 in 4 people will at some point suffer from some kind of mental illness in there lives. Although mental illness is becoming more wide spread, there is a lack of help out there. 

But this is where I am looking to improve, I am looking to create an app with information on various types of mental health along with advice, a message board system in which others can share their own personal stories with other like them and contact details for health services. That isn't all, physical copies of the information and advice to be made to give to individuals and businesses for their staff, and regular local meetings for sufferers of mental illness. All in all I just want to give support to those that don't know how to get it.

Let's make ''Lost Head' Mental health awareness and help' happen

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