"If you can dream it, you can achieve it!"

by Kelly Scott in Fairlie, Scotland, United Kingdom

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We aim to sew for personal needs. Mending and creating unique items, garments & memorable items. We upcycle, create and aim to teach...

by Kelly Scott in Fairlie, Scotland, United Kingdom


Blacklace Seamstress is literally a dream come true!!  A project that was once just a succession of images, ideas and emotions, something I was always told would never be...  Something that I (Kelly, me) was always told that I was aiming too high for, that my outlook in life was watching the kids and keeping house!

Having that one person that believes in you (whether friend or colleague), is enough to give you that push to take those dreams and make them real, taking those images and making the reality...

Story so far..

Blacklace Seamstress is a Sewing & Alterations business based in Fairlie, North Ayrshire.  We have been trading for just over 6 months, and prior to this I made and created items as a hobby for friends and family for over 5 years, from home.

I make and create various different items from dresses to memory items, I will even alter clothes and fix the unfixable. You can bring me a loved ones T-Shirt and make you something that you can cherish forever and not just have it in the cupboard gathering dust.

But, if you want a dress that is that little bit different, or has a vintage feel.  I can do that too...

Over the past few months I have been recommended and received 5* feedback. 

Current Issue...

Going from hobby to trading hasn't been an easy process, I have went from being a full time mother on benefits to being a working mother, with the help of certain government bodies (who have gave me great advice, support and help) but cant supply funding due to my age. And, to add to this I had to give up my little home sewing corner and expand to a small premises, for various reason but the main being tenancy issues.

This has been an exciting change, which has brought the dream more alive for me.  But, on having to pay the deposit, fully kit out the premises and cover a few other expenses, well my savings and family investments are gone!!  But, I still plod on with determination and pride because I know deep down I can do this!!

The new workshop has given me a better area to work in, better storage and more work stations. But, I am no where near where I would like to be, and still need to get further equipment to help improve my efficiency, as well as a substantial fabric library and more areas to display finished pieces (.i.e. dress forms, shelving etc...)  

The workshop also doesn't have W/C facilities, so this would also allow me to obtain and keep up payments for a onsite portaloo, which would open up more possibilities and ideas for Blacklace Seamstress to expand.

Having this space is allowing me to obtain my long time dream, and giving me the chance to get my life back after 18 years of being a mother to my 5 kids, that now have there own ambitions and goals to reach.  So, I feel its now my time to succeed...

Once fully kitted out and established, we aim on introducing sewing lessons which there is a lot of interest for within the area, and further a field.  With people willing to travel, as there is much of it on offer within the area.  But, I would also like to open this up to the younger generation making "Make do and Mend" a thing again, as well as hobbies that aren't just all computer games and iphones.

We will also be able to offer work experience and employment in the future.

You can help us reach our targets, make the hard work all worth while, bring sewing back as a hobby, take on staff, generate an income and help me make memories not just for my customers but also for me...

How can you help?

Your donations will help me get the equipment needed, the facilities required to move on and create longer hours at work, and in due course bring sewing lessons that will be aimed at all walks of life.  Helping them to gain experience and new skills.

Our range off rewards means you can pledge and in return receive a receive one of our amazing makes be it a garment to wear to that all important party, or a memory item to cherish those unique memories whether it be from a lost loved one or you babies clothing that you don't want to bin or simply an alteration on your favourite coat or jeans.

How does it work??

Made to Measure

We all have the problem at some point in life of going into a shop, wholesale or even the internet and purchasing that garment that you just love. But...

Well it doesn't fit, cause its not true to size!!  Because in this day and age women aren't all the ideal shape and we either have curvy hips or we are well proportioned else where.  So with me you can order that mazing garment, but have it made to your specific measurements.  


This can be done in person or over the internet, as I need is your sizes and your design options and we are on our way to that desired garment.  Its that simple...

Memory Items

 Adorable, Unique and Handmade Cuddly made from your child or loved ones clothing. Not only does this item feature your cherished items, it can be made into whatever cuddly item you choose.  Kiddies grow out of there clothes so quickly or we loss someone without warning, but now you can cherish those memories regardless.  These cherished memories can be a perfect gift, a way to remember or simply something to put on a shelf to cherish forever!! ❤ Also, when the unthinkable happens, it also makes the most cherished bereavement gift ❤

I am aware that your clothing (& items) are irreplaceable, that's why I take care that your cuddly looks perfect.  Each cuddly is made within the safety of the workshop which is clean, smoke free & pet free.  These cuddlies are intended for you to create a memory that relates to you and your loved one, that can keep those memories alive!

The cuddlies come in standard size, however on request the patterns can be altered to be bigger (or smaller) to suit you. Pattern altering will be priced separately, and you will be issued with a quote!

*** For best results***

Send (or hand in) 4-5 items for newborn babies, 3-4 for smaller babies, for loved ones pm to discuss.  Most fabrics are suitable but if sure give me a shout. (All items can be used from Blankets to sleep suits).

How does it work??

1. Choose your cuddly, we have a wide variety to choose from. (If I don't have a pattern that your looking for let me know and I'll do my utmost to source it!).

2. If local, you are more than welcome to drop your items into the workshop, however if your outwith us pm me and I'll send you the shipping details and information you (must provide).

3. Turnaround depends on how busy we are but no longer than 10-12 weeks and then cuddly is sent back to you to cherish forever !

Embroidery Option

We offer embroidery option which is size at approx 0.5" per letter so ideal for your cuddly. However, if wanting something bigger we can order in single embroidered letters which look great on cuddle feet pads, chest etc...

Birth Stats

These look great on a blanket made for you cuddly secured to your bears hand (as a comfort blanket) or as something for your cuddly to sit on.  They can also be put on a patch, Cape, skirt etc that you cuddly can wear. For this we will need your babies or loved ones stats .i.e. Name, DOB, weight etc...

Your cuddly will come with safety eyes and nose. Is stuffed with toy stuffing (and on request can be scented stuffing, however these are just for display).

These cuddlies are made as keepsakes rather than a toy however we make sure all pieces are secure should your little one get hold of the cuddly.  

I also make baby blankets, pram quilts etc... There is no job to small (or large for that matter).


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Christmas Skirts

Get a Christmas Skirt Made to your size and specifications. Fully Line to Value of £49.99

£10 or more

£10 fast tracking

Combine with any other reward, to fast track your shipping and priority level.

£20 or more

Gift Card

Receive a gift card for the value of £25.00 to be used on any item, made to measure garment or memory item made to your specifications.

£20 or more

£20 Memory Offer

Choose a memory cuddly made from your babies or loved ones clothing to the value of £30.00

£30 or more

£30 Memory Offer

Choose a memory cuddly made from your babies or loved ones clothing to the value of £40.00

£40 or more

Gift Card

Receive a gift card for the value of £50.00 to be used on any item, made to measure garment or memory item made to your specifications.

£40 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Christmas Garments

Get a Christmas Dress Made to you size and specifications. Fully lined to the value of £79.99

£50 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Memory Blanket

Have a quilted memory blanket made from you child or loved ones clothing with either a cotton, satin or fleece backing.

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