#FromGinniToEarth Master in Climate Change at KCL

by Ginevra Berti Mei in London, England, United Kingdom

#FromGinniToEarth Master in Climate Change at KCL
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Fund my master in "Climate Change: Science and Policy" at King's College London for the 2019/20 academic year.

by Ginevra Berti Mei in London, England, United Kingdom

The question comes naturally: why fund me? And who am "I", anyway?

An extensive guide on who I am is my blog, which the brave amongst you can find here: ginnivers, but I created a short version that you can find in the last section below.


I believe we are overwhelmed with pieces of information, which we are mostly unable to critically assess. Climate change is hot (pun intended!)—it  dominates most headlines: but what does 2 degrees warming really mean? We just don’t have enough time, or the relevant tools to evaluate what we read. So what do we do?

a) outsource the critical evaluation, e.g. by reading our favourite opinion section in The Guardian, or

b) we maintain a forcedly superficial attitude towards the topic.

Consequently, we often form uninformed, biased, or simplistic views. For instance, we adopt views on climate change expressed by a columnist, who (as well informed as (s)he certainly is) may neither be a scientist, nor a policy-maker; we vote on rules presented by political parties, whose members instrumentalise the way they propose these rules to gain support etc.

What I can offer you:

As a student, I will only presuppose, for the sake of this course of study, that there is something about the climate that is in fact changing. Yet, I have no interest in consciously distorting the narrative of science, or policy.
Hence, while I do think that all knowledge is socially situated, I also believe that I can make good use of the methodological tools I have acquired in my study of analytic philosophy, as to offer you a critical eye reporting monthly —as neutrally as possible— on some selected issues in affordable size here: https://ginnivers.com/ .

How does this master help me to pursue this solution?

During this master I want to learn to:

1. articulate how decision-relevant the outputs of climate models and how relevant they should be

2. assess the impact that climate models have on society, given that we recognise that some of these models exhibit systematic errors

3. help policy to prevent climate skepticism. How? By evaluating if climate models can make high-resolution forecasts of climate phenomena, even though these models exhibit systematic errors

4. develop more coherent ways of thinking about climate phenomena, to be better equipped (as policy-makers and scientists) to undertake explanatory and predictive tasks

What you can offer me

Your contribution to fund my master at King’s College London in “Climate Change: Science and Policy” (below a list of modules I plan to take). The tuition fees for this MSc are 9990£: any contribution matters.

Additionally or alternatively, sharing this crowdfunding project with your network and (hopefully very rich) friends!


Environmental Science & Policymaking; Community, Vulnerability & Disaster Risk; Water Resources and Policy; Disasters & Development; Risk Governance and Risk Communication; Environmental Remote Sensing; Modelling Environmental Change; Environmental GIS; Environmental Research Design & Application.

Who am I?

Find out here, in a slightly longer story with context: Ginnivers, or

An (almost)-21yo vegetarian philosophy student from Italy.

A firm believer that…

... we can break down walls of ignorance preventing us to envision a world we (as a united human kind) want to live in together and in balance with the natural world.

... we can surprise ourselves of what is possible and of what we are capable of.

I am passionate about …

… creating conceptual clarity about environmental issues: (what) do we know about our climate?

… environmental consciousness and responsibility: do we carry individual responsibility for environmental issues?

… kindness and respect to the natural world and human kind

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