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In the magical world of the Praire Dogging lot, lonely dogger Robson Jerome sets out to find love in a car park.

by 'Dogging' The Musical in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Dogging the Musical is an ambitious comedy musical, centered around love and friendship. And yes we do reference sex and the occasional blunder of profanity may be heard, but it is a family film... if you have a very strange and close-knit family. It isn't a family film, please don't show this to children.

About us lot:

The cast and crew are a close-knit group who have worked on many successful projects before and now we want to challenge ourselves, by making an unsuccessful film. We jest.


We've tried to keep the project light and fun, which of course is needed on a project such as this! The team have worked on numerous projects before; each bringing a unique and professional approach to their roles, even if the contract will force some to make cameo appearances. Which will be heavily documented.

The Bank:

With the money we've raised, we can have large and bold sets to fit the ludicrous plot, with police cars, prisons and Godly lighting. Talking of lighting, we can afford to have better equipment and locations with the appropriate stage for the production. Backdrops such as the Praire dogging lot and the mugging forest will be brought to life.

A portion of the funds raised will be used to produce the music professionally, to make sure the quality is on par with the writing and handsome writers.

The cast and crew will be working for a tuppence (free), as they are passionate about the project and want any money raised to be spent on making it as good as possible.

Conclusion/ Climax:

With this musical, we hope to make something unique, different and most importantly, funny. (Ha.) Although if we had anything else to do in the summer we would be... seriously give us proper jobs... anything, seriously, I'll take anything. 

Anyway enough job seeking... We hope you will help us create a great project that is every bit as funny as we are broke. Every bit, nothing censored. What a bloody lovely dogging experience we can all share. Isn't that what dogging is all about? No. It's about sex. But fund us anyway. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Pretty Good Deallll

For 50 of your sterling pounds or equivalent currency (will not accept Scottish tender) you will receive an MP3 download of all the songs, outtakes from the original recordings (sung badly by the director and writer) and a personalized thank you video from the cast and crew.

£10 or more

Thank you!

If you donate ten pounds we will send you a personalized thank you video, from the cast and crew.

£35 or more

An online CD, technology eyy

For thirty-five pounds you will receive an early release of the 'Dogging' The Musical soundtrack. Sung by the cast themselves, professionally recorded. You will also receive a personalized thank you video from the cast and crew.

£100 or more

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Less than £101 - What a bargain!

Dogging the musical is a family-friendly film (ish), for 100 pounds you will receive a copy of the film to watch, all snug on the sofa, under a duvet, with a tea or coffee maybe a mug of Bovril... who knows. An E-copy will be sent on the premiere day for you to enjoy and then enjoy again, as many times as you want... you will own it. On top of receiving an MP3 download of the soundtrack and outtakes and a personalized thank you video.

£500 or more

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Dogging is free, why pay 500?

Well, where can we go? We've given you the film, the MP3 soundtrack, outtakes, and a personalized thank you... where can we possibly go? A personalized dogging song. The writers of the musical and songs will create a unique song centered around you and dogging. A blend of comedy, crazed lyrics and a bit of you... not that bit...

£1,000 or more

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The Big One

A signed poster of the film, made from the set of the Dogging Trailer, cars, Robson and all. As well as all the other rewards on top.

Let's make ''Dogging' The Musical' happen

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