"Breaking Bread!" Feeding, the homeless

by Lesa Hylton in Oldbury, England, United Kingdom

"Breaking Bread!"  Feeding, the homeless
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"Breaking Bread" goes on the street on a Saturday and Monday evening to support in feeding, clothes and listening to the homeless community

by Lesa Hylton in Oldbury, England, United Kingdom

"Breaking Bread" started April 2017, we started feeding 35 homeless on the streets of Birmingham City Centre and to date we are feeding a staggering over 300 and not just homeless but the hungerred living in hostels, single parent's and those who are sanctioned on the benefits.  We also provides clothes  hats, gloves, coats and toiletries for them.  We have an amazing team that goes out on the street to carry out these duties.  Also we have on our team, people who were homeless themselves who we now help to get off the streets coming back and volunteering with us, that's their way of giving back to the community and our project.

Our vision is to have a 24 hour shelter where our service users can come and have their hot meals, a hot shower and also warm place to sleep.  We would use also  the building as a soup kitchen two days out of the week for the community.  With also the opportunity for educational needs to be met and that of counselling to those who needs it and even helping them to sort out the benefits if eligible and helping to connect them to the right support and services that they need.  

As the need as been so great we are in great need of a van to be able to transport both food and clothes as now we can sometimes only carry food in the car or make two trips to be able to meet the needs.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Sense of direction (Sod)

This is for those who cannot physically go out there on the street to literally do it yourself but to donate to this cause will help you to be apart of a life changing experience.

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