Zoo Town

A platform to create more student jobs, help parents find childcare/tuition easily and empower & inspire kids - Lets make a differnce.

Why do I need money?

Zoo Town will be a platform that connects fully vetted and experienced students (aged 18+) in London, to parents in need of babysitters or tutors.

Firstly, I enjoy every part of this journey, and literally all my time and skills (learning a lot along the way) to create Zoo Town for parents and students. However, there is some expenditure that is stopping this project from reaching its potential. As this is a custom built site, funding is required to keep the site a secure, safe and creative as possible.

The main priority right now is the website design and I have been giving a quote of £6500 - £8000. So far, I have managed to pay £1200 and I will continue to self fund this project to the best of my ability but I need some help. Whilst I love producing all the artwork, designs for promotional material and advertising props, I am a student who works part time and can’t keep up with all the expenses. Childcare is quite a saturated market but this is a unique and personalized service that everyone can benefit from. It is important that this website is secured, fast and can work on different devices.

All the money which is left over from the website design will used to finance the other important areas in the project (stated above). You as crowdfunders, will be able to come along to the events that will be set up.

Why Zoo Town?

I created this platform to try my best to achieve 3 goals for all of us. I know this platform will help many parents, students and children in different ways.

1. Increase job opportunities for students in London

Not to bore you with statistics but the unemployment rate for 16-24 year olds was 12.1%, compared to 13.6% a year ago. To summarise, 418,000 people aged 16-24 were unemployed in April - June 2016 (Parliment.co.uk, 2016). These statistics do not include students in full time education, so the amount of unemployed people (including students in full time education) will be dramatically higher.

I’m really tired of seeing students who are experienced, driven & talented, jobless. Let’s face it having a job helps whilst you are studying and it can make our lives easier. Unfortunately there are either no vacancies, we don’t have enough experience or there are no jobs available.

Retail is not always for everyone and I believe we should be paid to do the things we have passion for and enjoy. “There is no such thing as enjoying your job”. Well, I want to create a platform that challenges that.

Instead of you calling in sick because you have deadlines to meet, why not decline a request from a parent to babysit/tutor their kids & pass the job on to another student? Want to start your own business or save up for a holiday? I am sure setting you’re a pay rate that reflects will help to make that happen.

On the website

Homepage – Students will have a homepage dedicated to them and filled with all things student related.

Rewards - Students will be rewarded for providing amazing service to the kids in their care (you will also be rated by them lol).

Seasonal socials – Social events for all registered students to attend. It will not only be a chance to meet new people, but we will invite experienced professionals to enlighten us on important topics we don’t know enough about. This includes, why having bad credit can hurt us in the future, how much we need to save now to buy a house later, how to set up your own business and many more things.

2. Helping parents find a babysitter/tutor easily.

Each parent's working pattern is different, especially parents who work outside the traditional nine - to - five hours. Only 7% of local authorities provide sufficient childcare for parents who work unusual working hours (Family and Childcare Trust, 2016), a figure that has dramatically fallen from 15% in 2015. 

I really wanted to create a platform to try to solve one of the most stressful and frustrating problems all parents face. As we speak this is still an issue and that is why we are here. We are determined to provide a solution that will help hundreds of parents in London

3. Empower & inspire our little ones.

Children first. Always. This is the mission statement that underpins this whole project. It is my biggest dream to create Zoo Town summer camp for kids under 12 years in summer 2017. It will be a camp filled with both fun and empowering workshops and activities. Aside from great arts & crafts activities, dance classes and competitions, I really want to give the kids more. This includes workshops that teach them how to be the best they can be, why making mistakes can be a good thing, how to believe in themselves and how to cheer up a friend who feels down.

We don’t learn these at school, and these kids are our future leaders. I would love all kids to attend and absorb meaningful things. We need to empower and inspire our kids the right way and sooner rather then later.